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Nothing Is Lost in God

Nothing Is Lost in God by Jan Engels-Smith

Nothing is lost in God


Several years ago, my family was visiting Sunriver, Oregon, a beautiful vacation spot in central Oregon in the high desert area. The resort where we stayed had many outdoor amenities that we loved. My husband was speaking at a convention, so the kids and I were exploring the resort on our own. We rented bicycles and took off for an outing along their bike trails. My oldest was seven and the twins were five, so when we came upon a giant playground we had to stop. We dismounted and carefully arranged the bikes so that we could lock them up safely. Each child wanted to be keeper of the keys, so I reluctantly separated the keys from the master key ring and divvied them up.

The playground was about 100 yards long with all kinds of wooden play equipment. There were swings, slides, climbing bars, and jungle gyms. The ground was covered in bark dust several inches thick, creating a wonderful, cushioned landing spot– especially if you were five and performing your famous aerial dismount from the swing set. This was truly the perfect play spot. And play we did. We covered the entire area, climbing, sliding, running, chasing, competing and having fun. Hours passed by.

When it was time to leave, we searched our pockets for bike keys only to realize one of them was lost. I despaired when I thought of the massive playground and its thick layer of bark dust.

My heart sank. “There is no way we will ever find it,” I thought.

I immediately started figuring out how we could walk to the bike center, explain the situation, and hopefully get someone to cut off the bike lock. I wondered if the bike center had peanut butter sandwiches available because now I was also dealing with starving children who weren’t interested in delaying their lunch while we took care of this unexpected business. The situation was a bit nerve wracking.

Then a voice came into my head, “Nothing is lost in God.”

I almost laughed out loud as I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding”.

However, I found myself saying to the kids, “Well, let’s give it a try and see if we can find the key.”

We scouted the grounds for about ten minutes with absolutely no luck and I thought, “This is ridiculous; let’s go.”

Again the voice said, “Nothing is lost in God.”

My mind flashed to the things that the spirits had taught me about energy and attraction. I could feel the spirits’ presence and their urging me to remember the laws, to trust, and to act. Spontaneously, I turned and threw the remaining key ring as hard as I could down the length of the playground. It traveled about fifty feet.

My kids looked at me with dumbfounded expressions and gasped, “ What are you doing, mom?”

Not wanting to explain the concept of the Laws of Attraction, I just said, “Oh, playing a game. I was just wondering if the key ring could find the key.”

Being the ages that they were, they thought this was great fun and ran towards the fallen key ring. We all strained our eyes, moving bark dust aside to no avail.

I eventually said, “Oh well, we tried, ” and I thought to myself, “at least I didn’t lose too much face.”

I reached down to get the empty key ring. To all of our amazement, the key ring had landed on top of the missing key!!

Even at the ages of five and seven, the children knew that a miracle had just happened. We all collapsed to the ground in amazement. The joy that we felt was incredible. We were laughing and hugging and kissing each other. We were filled with glee. Spirit was so present and we responded in a totally uninhibited way. We had observed a seemingly impossible situation change before our eyes—the Laws of Attraction had played themselves out.

After the excitement subsided, the kids asked, “How did that happen?”

We began a beautiful dialog. It was the perfect opportunity to talk about spirit and what we choose to believe. I told them of the voice that presented itself to me and what the spirits had taught me before. I explained that I had been presented with a choice. I had the choice to trust the voice or to ignore it. It was up to me to be willing and then to act on faith. Because of my actions, the miracle could manifest.

How many times do we turn away from that small voice within and miss the miracle?

You must understand that I was dealing with very young children and they took this concept to the extreme. For the rest of the afternoon and night, our condo looked like the land of flying objects. The kids were hiding one shoe and throwing the other to find it, or pants were trying to find underwear, or socks were looking for their mates, etc. I had to duck a lot, but it was sure fun to watch them experiment and play this out in their own way. As a result of this experience, I began to grasp the science behind the magical qualities of healing objects.

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Chakras and the Laws of Attraction

The Chakras and the Laws of Attraction by Jan Engels-Smith

“I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”
From “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley



In the current state of spiritual awakening, we encounter a variety of approaches to achieving self-realization and empowerment. There seem to be many options and you may find yourself moving from one alternative to another and you may even feel a sense of incompleteness and fragmentation in your spiritual life. In the emerging age of new awareness, the one significant quality of transcendence is a new understanding of the wholeness of all things—the oneness of the universe. The fragmentation we feel in our spiritual practice is in conflict with this basic principle, but the sense of divisiveness is the fault of our thinking, not the condition that actually exists.

I have found that shamanism offers a unifying approach that encompasses all of the various practices in its understanding that all of the universe is one entity and that our outdated mechanistic view of fragmented parts is an artificial construct developed in humankind’s effort to control his universe rather than to become a part of it. An example of this unity can be found in two seemingly disparate concepts—one from ancient times (The Chakras) and another that has received much current attention (The Laws of Attraction). It is important to understand that they are one and the same because each principle enhances the other when we practice them in harmony.

The Laws of Attraction are based on an understanding of the fields of energy that exist in and around us and offer us the opportunity to influence these fields by the attitudes and intentions that we choose. Positive thoughts attract positive energies and create realizable affirmations that enrich our lives and promote constructive changes. In the same manner, negative thoughts attract negative energies and prevent us from achieving the better opportunities that we seek. Constant attention to seeking benevolent outcomes rewards us with wonderful and munificent gifts, often beyond our greatest wishes. The Laws of Attraction make us aware that we are the masters of our fate and the determiners of our future wellbeing.

The chakras are also concerned with energy fields and are the centers of our life force in association with vital points in the physical body. Energy flows through seven centers of our body and provides healing and balance to our systems. If the chakras are blocked, one may experience illness, weakness, and disequilibrium in one’s spiritual, physical, and emotional states.  Focusing on positive flows of energy through the Laws of Attraction can serve to open the chakras and promote good health, security, and happiness.  It bodes well for us to understand these two energy principles and to consciously exercise our bodies, minds, and spirits to attain the advantages of the wonderful energies that the universe puts at our disposal.

Each of the seven main chakras in the body has a different function in the manifestation of your reality. In their ideal state, the chakras pulse out energy that is healthy and supportive to the wellbeing of an individual. The chakras can move from an ideal state (which you are born into) to a more contaminated state throughout life. This contamination comes from life experiences and the attachments to wounds. Understanding this negatively altered condition is also the beginning of healing. First, we must understand the meaning of the individual chakras in their ideal state.

Many times the chakras close down and become contaminated with beliefs that are incongruent with their ideal state and these are felt as blocks or constrictions in the energy system. For example, if you felt as a young child that you weren’t safe, you weren’t secure, and that you didn’t have a purpose because you were unworthy, that would be pulsed out of your root chakra. This energy then becomes part of your subtle body fields or auric fields of energy and becomes part of your broadcast energy. You then would start manifesting a reality that would support this broadcast, bringing incidences and experiences to you that would prove you aren’t safe or that you are unworthy to be safe. This thinking and believing pattern sets up a cycle, which creates a reality that you come to accept and use as a motivation for your actions and decisions.

The chakras are the engines of our energy broadcasts. Conforming to the Laws of Attraction, the chakras vibrate outward, engage with like energies, and draw back into our beings the energies that match our intentions. The art of healing oneself is fundamentally grounded in the understanding of our fields of energy, in the choices we make, in the intentions that we establish, and in the energies that we broadcast into our environment.

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The Highs and Lows of The Laws of Attraction

The Highs and Lows of The Laws of Attraction by Jan Engels-Smith



We are living in an attraction-based universe, and when you ask, it is always answered, but the answer may create a positive or negative result depending on our way of asking. If we ask for a positive result with a positive frame of mind we will receive the result we seek, but there is a danger in assuming that a focus on a negative condition that we seek to keep away from us will drive it away.

Remember that this is an attraction-based universe and a negative thought will attract a negative result. The attention to the negative draws it to us even as we wish for it to go away. We attract; we do not repel. If you yell-I want this! You attract it. If you yell- I DON’T want this, you attract it. The important consideration is how we frame our thoughts, how we use the power of attraction to draw to us that which we wish to have, and how we allow what we do not wish to have to not be in our sphere of attraction.

The Laws of Attraction are based on vibrational frequencies of energy. Energy emanates from and is attracted to all living beings as well as inanimate objects. These invisible forces interact with other forces within their orbits and there is a constant interplay of energies that alter each other and create conditions of physical, emotional, and spiritual alteration. The attraction of energy is governed by the principle that vibrations match other vibrations. High frequency energy vibration is attracted to energy vibrations of a like frequency and low vibrations are attracted to like energies of low vibrations. Similar energies resonate with each other. A simple example of this exists in tests with tuning forks. Tuning forks are made to vibrate to certain notes on a musical scale. If an “A” tuning fork is placed at one end of a football field and another “A” fork is placed at the other end, when one is struck and frequency waves are generated they will cause the other fork to vibrate to the same frequency. But when unlike tuning forks are tested, a “G” tuning fork will not create a responding vibration in an “A” tuning fork.

The vibrations are invisible but the reactant object recognizes the vibrations and reacts accordingly. Like tuning forks, we are resonant with vibrational forces around us. When we emanate positive vibrations they interact with like vibrations and when we tune to a negative frequency, we connect to negative energies.

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Achieving Maximum Impact with The Laws of Attraction

Achieving Maximum Impact with The Laws of Attraction by Jan Engels-Smith



The universe is governed by a physical condition in which bodies are attracted to each other and stability is achieved by these forces. Celestial masses are drawn into orbits and paths that create solar systems and galaxies that maintain themselves for eons of time. These fundamental Laws of Attraction, like the laws of gravity, sustain existence. Just like these enormous physical bodies in the universe, we are subjected to Laws of Attraction that may create significant conditions that allow for our lives to maintain and improve, but we must exercise options to achieve the maximum positive impact. As the Earth’s gravitational force draws objects with physical mass to its center, so as living beings we are capable of attracting either positive or negative conditions into our surrounding environment and even into our souls. There is constancy in physical gravitational laws that creates a perpetual and never-changing condition. In a like manner, the Laws of Attraction in our lives are constant and predictable.

Our thoughts and attitudes are our comparable “gravitational pull” that draws to us the objects that revolve within our sphere of influence. Like the invisible forces of gravity, the Laws of Attraction impact us regardless of our knowledge of them or our consciousness of their presence.

As a spaceship travels around the moon and returns to Earth, scientists work with an awareness of the effects of gravity to achieve a desired result—the movement of a spacecraft from Earth’s orbit and the return by engaging Earth’s gravitational pull. In a similar fashion, we can make decisions governed by the Laws of Attraction that attract within our “orbits” either positive or negative forces but, like the scientists using the laws of gravity to positive affect, we must understand the Laws of Attraction if we are to be successful in using them to our greatest advantage.

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You Possess These Powers…

You Possess These Powers…by Jan Engels-Smith



We live in the 21st century—the Age of Aquarius, an age of enlightenment and of new hope—but this new millennium is also the era of rapid change and confusion. We face the ironic condition of a globalization that seems to separate us more than it brings us together. We are in an Information Age that overwhelms us with rapidly accessible data that leaves us with less wisdom and understanding. Messages from the media simultaneously tell us of new advancements in medicine but also new strains of viruses and bacteria. Advances in technology offer opportunities to make our daily life more effortless while threatening us with identity theft and depersonalization in the workplace.

Science allows us to grow more disease-resistant crops in greater abundance while mutating our food into a potentially dangerous combination of new genes that might well create threats to our physical well being. We are confronted with both hope and threat from the same sources. Our sense of confidence in a better life in the future is offset by confusion and a sense of impending doom. How might we find a better way of dealing with our rapidly evolving civilization and create a greater possibility for personal growth and happiness in such a contradictory world?

I believe that there is a way forward that offers the prospect of not only a better life but the means to thrive and exceed all of our limiting expectations. I believe that we have the resources within ourselves to not only heal but to discover extraordinary possibilities for our individual and collective futures. You possess these powers but you need to find a way to unlock them.

In my tenure as a healer, I have immersed myself in two modalities that I feel are umbrellas for wellness. All of the capacities for healing fit under these umbrellas in some fashion. The two modalities are the Laws of Attraction and the basic understanding of shamanism and how it relates to energy medicine. I believe that the Laws of Attraction and shamanism are intertwined and interdependent to the degree that each is in truth a part of the other and the practices associated with both modalities offer the means of strengthening an individual’s power and producing miracles in one’s life. My long- term work with shamanism and energy medicine has created an irrefutable belief in non- physical beings, which I address as spiritual helpers, and I have come to understand the influence of this energy in attracting positive forces into one’s life.

Healing and well being, including shamanic healing, are governed by the Laws of Attraction. I believe in the practical application of shamanic techniques to improve one’s life and an understanding of the basic laws of attraction. When you understand the Laws of Attraction and the principals of shamanism you can be more in control of your life and acquire the ability to heal yourself.

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