Letting Go of Resistance: A Personal Story

Letting Go of Resistance: A Personal Story by Jan Engels-Smith

Letting go of resistance


Have you heard the phrase, “we are one”? It is a concept, ideal, slogan, and mindset that many give lip service to — self included, although I have only begun to scratch the surface of its meaning. I have been sitting with this ideal for years, watching how it affects me and when I am in alignment with it and when I am not. I could write a book on this topic alone. However, where I am taking this today is regarding the vibration of resistance versus the vibration of unity consciousness.

Resistance to anything prevents us all from being in true oneness and adding to the collective consciousness to manifest the desires of our hearts. If we truly believed that we were one, there would be no opposition to anything — people, illness, or politics, to name just a few. The frequency of resistance IS the thing that prevents us from being well, whole, and happy. This topic merits great understanding because even the smallest of experiences where we notice resistance adds to a whole new level of understanding about unity, oneness, and peace. It is resistance that prevents your desires to manifest, for miracles to happen, or intentions to come about in the desired way.

We have a feral rooster that has lived in our neighboring yards for about four years. No one knows how the rooster got here and no one takes ownership of him. However, there is a community kinship with this rooster and emotions range from delight to dread, especially when the summer months arrive and he decides to crow at 4:00 am to greet the day.

We live right up against the forest, and wildlife is abundant, ranging from mountain lions and coyotes to raccoons — all major predators of the rooster. Somehow he has survived predatory animals and bitter cold, enduring the winter two years ago with record-breaking snowfall and days below freezing.

The call of the rooster is a familiar and noticeable sound. I listen for it every day and am thankful that he has survived yet another night. Many of us feed the rooster and he makes his rounds through our unfenced yards and the borders of the forest. Usually when I walk outside and approach the bin that we keep various critter foods, the jays give a “food call” that is piercing. The squirrels gather, jumping limb to limb, and the rooster struts his way across the forest floor. I have my normal conversation with these forest family members, greeting them, adoring, them, and watching them with great interest.

On Thanksgiving Day when I went out to feed the animals, the sounds were dreadfully silent. No one was gathering. I whistled and still no one came. It gave me shivers, as my intuition said something was unexplainably wrong. I searched around the grounds looking for feathers as an indicator that our rooster had finally met his demise. I found none. I asked other human family members, “Have you heard the rooster in the last few days?” No one recalled hearing his daily call. Everyone agreed it had been before the storm, which was three days prior to him being missed.

With my senses heightened, I listened for him all day. The other critters returned to feed, but no rooster. After the Thanksgiving meal, I took out an extra dish to the animals as a token of love, but his corn in his special spot was untouched. I though of him several times during the evening and mentioned it several times, too. I could feel my sadness growing. I said a prayer that he would miraculously be well, regardless of what had previously happened.

The next morning I sat in my prayer room chair, which is located in a great location to hear activity in the yard. There were no rooster sounds. I noticed how this was making me sad. I investigated this feeling and reaction. I noticed how it was resistance in me that wanted the rooster to be alive that was making me sad. I was resisting the idea that the rooster was gone. I was rejecting it, in conflict or battle with the thought, the possibility, or that current reality. I realized that this resistance had the potential through the laws of attraction to actually create that reality. It was already making me very sad, which is an energetic match for the loss of the rooster.

I decided to let go of the resistance. That energy was hurting me. It was keeping me separate from the joy I like to feel. I released it right then and there by moving completely into my true self, who has no wounds, no resistance, and can accept things just as they are. In fact, she loves all things just as they are. She is one with all things and doesn’t feel separation. I called her to rise up within me and to be with the current situation from that perspective of myself.

A feeling of deep peace swept over me. I was amazed at how quickly this happened and how complete it felt. After the peace came, it was followed with joy and a sense of bliss. I was basking in the state of the NOW. As the worry left my body, the tension also left. I could tangibly feel the difference from my previous state of resistance to the current state of allowing. I was one with the moment and the incredible sensations of this presence. I was in the oneness — unity. About 20 minutes later, I heard the rooster crow.

The mystery is — did my release of the resistance allow the miracle of the appearance of the rooster to manifest? Was there a change in realities or dimensions because of my change of being and the intention that I originally put into motion? I believe this to be true.

Notice in yourself where your resistances are. Make a list and see how many you hold. The winter months are energetically designed to support your process of letting go. Let go of the resistances that hurt you. Move into your true self. See things from the different perspectives of the higher vibrations of you. Notice what happens when you do.

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Resistance Part 2

Resistance Part 2 by Jan Engels-Smith



Move past resistance.

There are practices that can enhance your ability to move past resistances and find the power to minimize their influence.  I would suggest the following, with the understanding that different individuals have different resistances and need different solutions:



  • Develop a positive affirmation that addresses your resistance and use it when you feel the need. “My resistance to spiritual release can be overcome by letting go. I am the power that I seek.”
  • Embrace your resistance as a product of your own creation and know that that which you create can be vanquished by you. You are all-powerful.
  • Visualize the resistance growing ever smaller and weaker in its power over you. For example, you might counter a lack of energy by breathing deeply and visualizing the oxygen flowing into your bloodstream and bolstering your stamina and physical strength.
  • Expel the negative energy of your resistances through each of your chakras and draw in the spiritual alliances that you know exist for you in the universe.
  • See your physical body as blended into the cosmos and as one with the universe and your resistances as minor blips in the spirit world and of minimal significance in your world.
  • Address your resistances aloud as though they are a presence with which you can see and communicate. By personifying them, you remove them from that nether world of the subconscious and force them front and center where you can overwhelm them with your newfound self-assurance and personal power.
  • Celebrate yourself and speak well of who you are and what you are becoming.
  • Thank the spirits and express gratitude for their alliance with your better self.

There are many practices that will affirm your power over your resistances and all will strengthen your resolve and move you farther along in your spiritual quest.  Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” As the spirits have said to encourage us on our path, BE SEEN IN 2013.

If your resistances stand in the way of your personal fulfillment, choose the practices that make your will to succeed more true than the false barriers that you create.

You may come to see your resistances as a test of your willingness to become the person you were always destined to be and, if so, let this sense of challenge serve to prove your worthiness. Your emotional state will move from one of doubt and hopelessness to one of confidence and spiritual strength when you see your success in mastering these challenges. Learn from these experiences, see yourself as the master of your fate, and move forward.

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Resistance Part 1

Resistance Part 1 by Jan Engels-Smith



Our perfect selves exist within us and our quest is to recognize, affirm, and bring it to full realization. We desire to find fulfillment in a unity with the wholeness of the universe and to achieve the completion of our destiny. We strive for the alignment that will empower us to be that which we were meant to be.  However, in even our most committed states and with our energies focused and our minds set, we may fall short of the fulfillment of our spiritual completeness and struggle to continue the effort of personal enlightenment. The universe is a place of opportunity and wonder; it does not create barriers to self-actualization but is a place where the prospects of spiritual fulfillment are real and waiting for us to show up. The universe does all that it can do to help us become aware, comprehend, and accept the ideal state that is our true self.  Where do the hindrances to our success originate? What are the deterrents to our unity with the universal oneness that is the natural state of existence? How can we deal with impediments to our spiritual awakening?

We cannot look outside of ourselves for the causes of our struggles. Although we possess within ourselves the unlimited power to become that which we desire and the spiritual world is an ally in our evolution to finding our true meaning in life, there exists within all of us a life history that has encountered pain, regret, and disappointment and in these experiences we had constructed false images of reality that caused us to imagine impossible obstacles and hopelessness.  Even as we move forward in our spiritual practices, the residues of these past incidents have left negative impressions and they continue to influence our current efforts.  These residual energies manifest in us as resistances (our own, not the universe’s) and our awareness and understanding of them will allow us to address their impact and, ultimately, to overcome their influence on our spiritual quest.

Negative and positive energies produce negative and positive vibrations and, once we recognize these energies, we have the power to determine their influence on our physical, emotional, and spiritual being.  Of the energies that emanate from us, our resistances are some of the most influential and often the most unrecognized. To become fully aware of our resistances, we need to see them as we imagine them (and we often conceive of them as external hindrances), then to take ownership of them, and, finally, to overcome them. I see resistances, especially with those on a spiritual path as taking form in the following examples as expressions of our self-doubt and our belief that we are victims of uncontrollable events:

  • A fear of suffering and physical death that depletes our positive energy.
  • Medical issues that detract from the focus on spiritual growth.
  • A lack of personal confidence and a tendency to be overly self-critical.
  • A smart, capable, and independent nature that can’t surrender its ego and is overly willful.
  • Seeing personal responsibilities as an excuse to avoid spiritual development.
  • Feeling not good enough to deserve perfection.
  • Procrastination and delay of effort.
  • Seeing oneself as a victim without recourse to change.

All of these resistances share many common characteristics, but the most significant of these is their common ironic nature. The irony of resistances is that the hindrances that we imagine as problems keeping us from our spiritual destinies can be resolved by the pursuit of our perfection.  For example, if we feel that we are not able to pursue spiritual growth because we have been ill or because we overwhelmed by too many problems, we fail to recognize that the very act of attending to our spiritual nature is the solution to these difficulties. By giving in to the resistances that we imagine as too great for us to bear, we have forsaken the very power that we have to overcome the problems.  We resist the empowerment that comes with our spiritual evolution because of other concerns (lack of energy, illness, self-doubt, etc.) which we believe prevents us from succeeding in spite of the fact that our empowerment is the solution to our concerns.  When we come to understand this simple truth then we have the means to address our resistances.

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