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Greetings and Blessings of Magic and Memories!!!

Greetings and Blessings of Magic and Memories by Jan Engels-Smith


I just returned from spending time in a land of beauty, eagles, and sacred ancestors. I presented at an international Shamanic conference in Squamish BC Canada.  The topic was Bones of our Ancestors.  It was an international conference drawing people from New Zealand, Finland, Ireland, England, Switzerland, Germany, South Africa, Canada and the States.  The diversity in accents was stimulating.  LightSong was well represented with Karen Thies, Peggy Mischke, Valentia Vujosevic, Jennifer Waters, Sarah Severn, Melanie Monge, Karen Hefner and myself.  We had a great time interacting, laughing, learning and being together with other shamans around the world.  We have many wonderful memories.  Karen Hefner wrote up about this beautifully and I asked to use her words.

Thoughts, Gratitude, and Musings

Thank you from my Heart 

A magic man from South Africa, a Sangoma Shaman
Who listens, leads, and speaks through his heart
Made me laugh till I cried and
Taught me to breathe –
To breathe through my heart

A Celtic shaman
Whose deep connection to
Stones and bones and stories
Blessed us with his sweetness, grace, poetry, and presence
Healing my heart with his words

A Woman of Power
Spitting fire, commanding the Spirits to come
Calling Ancestors to return to their bones
Took me on a journey through the chambers of my heart
Shining a light in the darkness

Fire tender, Guardian, Firewalker
Keeper of the flame
Dancing, laughing, singing, drumming
Present, strong, aware
Reminding me who I am and igniting my heart

Elders two
Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine
Holding space, standing watch
Still, quiet, poised
Revealed to me the stillness in my heart

The Magician, the Wizard, the man behind the curtain
Seen and unseen, known and unknown
Fearless keeper of the old ways
Weaver of souls, Illuminary
He reached inside and opened my heart

I had a life-changing week in Squamish, BC. I attended the Bones of the Ancestors Shamanic Conference, hosted by the Sacred Circle of the Great Mystery Shamanic Society. There I met and sat in sacred ceremony with shamans from all over the world including representatives from the Wolven Path, Celtic, Peruvian, Tuvian, and Sangoma traditions.

I was honored to be in circle with all of the amazing presenters, and have deep gratitude for the hard work and effort of the organizers, John-Luke Edwards, Elsa and Howard Malpas, Tom Cowan, and Christina Pratt.

There was such beauty in the diversity, inclusiveness, and integrity shown by all attendees and presenters.

Upon Returning from Canada

I am different now
Forever changed
By the beating of the drum
The heartbeat of the land
The healing of the Ancestors
And the Spirit of the People

I met a man
His name is John Lockley
He sang to my heart
And he taught me how to breathe
He threw his bones
And looked into my soul
There he saw the depth of my calling
Of my suffering, my potential, my path

The Storyteller awoke in me
Song, dance, the drumbeat
Tribal, Ritual, raw hungry
Hearing the call
Walking in both worlds

I sat by the river and I called
I called and the call was returned
Perched above, and behind
Ever watchful, curious, engaged
Observing me – observing him

You are on the path
Deep in the forest
Deep in your heart
Hear me call

The answers are in the roots
Bear walked by
Intent on her own path
Acknowledging our birth connection

Yes, you are seen
You are valued
You are heard
You are loved

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