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A Simple Process to Change Your Life

A Simple Process to Change Your Life by Jan Engels-Smith

Here is a simple process to change your life. Throughout the day have checkpoints about your thinking. Ask yourself the question. Does this thought make me feel good or does this thought make me feel bad? If it makes you feel bad quit thinking it; if it makes you feel good, have at it and enjoy your process.

Every one of us has opinions about many things. Opinions stimulate an internal emotional response and offer a vibrational frequency that resonates throughout the universe and every opinion is a point of attraction that attracts other like frequencies. Before offering an opinion or even pondering one, consider the quality of your view. Will this opinion help or hinder your overall well being?

There are two parts of you. Your egoic wounded self and your true self. Your true self knows no wound, only unconditional love. Each day ask yourself to embody more of your true self than your egoic wounded self.

Sometimes it is hard to discern whether you are thinking about that which you desire or thinking about what you don’t desire. We often think about why a problem is a problem instead of a solution to the problem. Focusing on just the problem can increase frustration, anger, or helplessness—all negative emotions that attract more negativity. On the other hand, considering a resolution to a problem generates feelings of hope, harmony, and peace—positive emotions that send out positive vibrations that promote greater concord and amity. Ask yourself what feelings you seek in the solution that you need and then try to find those feelings in other areas of your life. Where have you found your greatest harmony with the universe and when have you felt the most confident in your personal power? As soon as you start replicating the feelings you had in these circumstances then you will start attracting more of this positive energy, which usually opens the door to the solution that you seek.

To become aware of “your point of attraction” will have tremendous value in creating the type of life that you desire. Your point of attraction is determined by your feelings. Points of attraction can be created by either deliberate action or by subconscious thoughts. Deliberate means that you are consciously paying attention to your feelings and what you are attracting to yourself. Not being deliberately conscious of your feelings may result in your subconscious attracting feelings from a wounded past or other previous negative experience. This mental inaction might lead you to think that bad things just happen to you naturally and that you do not have a role to play in determining your situation. Instead, you must realize that you are a vibrational being that creates realities through the energies that you project from yourself and the corresponding dynamisms that you attract by these projections.

What you think and what you feel will determine what you attract in each moment. Too simple you say? Ask yourself, how happy can I be today? You might be surprised how one happy or pleasant thought can course through your body and multiply the positive energies of contentment, joy, or even ecstasy.

Try this exercise. Before you drink a glass of water, hold the glass between your hands and think of positive words you would like to imbue into the water. The water absorbs these energies. When you drink the newly imbued water you are letting that positive energy flow throughout your body, into every cell, and into your mind. Your body is about 65-85% water and the molecules of the water that you have imbued with positive energies will permeate all the cells of your body and alter your state of being.

When you wake in the morning—before anything else—set a quick intention. Mine is: I love my life. This sets the tone for the entire day.

Daydreaming is a wonderful tool of creation. Pause throughout the day and daydream about what you enjoy. Not what you want, but what you enjoy. This wonderful activity has tremendous value in your well being.

Quantum physics tells us that when you observe an experiment you change the outcome of the experiment because you have observed it. If a scientist has an opinion about what he or she is observing, the results can be affected by the attitude of the observer. This breakthrough in science represents what metaphysics has been declaring for decades. If you observe your thoughts (which is the same as observing an experiment) you can automatically change the outcome of events in a very deliberate way.

We can be very influenced by the media or the collective mass consciousness. However you always have ultimate control. It is your birthright. If you don’t like what the media or the mass consciousness dictates, don’t accept it, and create your own reality through deliberate choice. This is not done by focusing on the negative quality of the existing reality but by creating positive thoughts about around the possible good outcomes that can replace the negativity of inevitable catastrophe and hopelessness. We all saw in the recent terrorist attacks in Paris a startling difference in the pain of the immediate tragedy and the subsequent outpouring of love and hope that emanated from the masses that gathered to celebrate life, not death. People were drawn together by a positive energy to affirm what is good in our relationships, not in the isolation of despair.

You get to choose what you want for yourself today—what thoughts you want to think and what feelings you want to feel.

If there is a person in your life who pushes your buttons, spend some time today sending him or her your love and blessings. Don’t try to justify why they don’t deserve your love or blessings; that just adds to the problem. Just express your best self.   You will feel an immediate relief.

Do you BELIEVE that you can have your heart’s desire or whatever is on your manifestation list? If you do not, then the “do not” energy is your primary broadcast. It will cancel out any prayer, wish, or pleading that you project. It is easy to change a “do not” vibration by moving into appreciation. Appreciate what you “DO” have and what has already manifested in your life. This will get your energy broadcast in a good place.

There is a paradox that I try to remember whenever I struggle with a situation. When I surrender and let go of the control that I try to exercise over the situation, I allow the magnificence that surrounds me the opportunity to infiltrate my awareness. It is easy to feel good when things are comfortable and going well. However, it is in life’s struggles that we find the greatest opportunities for growth and evolution of our consciousness. Notice where you struggle and what opportunities the struggles present.

The most powerful part of the human body is the heart. Not the mind, but the heart. Open your heart and notice how it feels.

Do you ever have knee jerk responses to situations or people? Knee jerk responses are because you are in a habit of thinking, feeling and responding a particular way. You can prevent conditioned negative responses through the practice of deliberate feel good exercise. The more you practice feeling good, the more the feel-good response will imbue your being. In time, your automatic reaction to anything will be positive, uplifting and loving. I have developed a discipline that I call the feel good challenge. It is something that I practice daily and you can find the entire process on my web site. Here is a sampling of a few of the challenges:

  1. Complaining is an energy that causes more problems. Some people are unaware of how much they complain. Some people think that the complaining will actually change a situation. Complaining is a low frequency energy that will actually cause your body to ache, your pocketbook to drain, and your relationships to be strained. Instead relook at any situation that you feel upset about and try to reframe it. If that seems too hard to do, decide to focus on a few aspects of your life where you can feel appreciation.

What are 5 FEELINGS you choose to feel today that will invoke appreciation

Here are mine: Potential, Choice, Inspired, Motivated, Bright

  1. A major part of life is managing relationships. Even if you are not partnered you are in relationships. You are in relationship to others, relationship to the earth, relationship to your body, and relationship to the divine. How you manage these relationships will indicate where you are in balance or not in balance. To ascend into higher dimensions of thought and well being all these relationships need to be healthy. They become healthy through positive attitude and feelings.

What are 5 feeling words you can bring to your relationships today?

Here are mine: Appreciation, Awestruck, Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Humility

  1. Be curious and expect miracles. Curiosity allows the mind to have a certain amount of freedom. This raises your vibration. Curiosity is a good thing. Anything that raises your vibration is a good thing. Be curious, expect the best, and enjoy.

What are 5 FEELINGS you choose to feel today that will invoke curiosity in your life?

Here are mine: Wonderment, Openness, Expansion, Newness, Inventiveness

  1. Through the Laws of Creation you have created yourself. Your core is divine and magnificent. If you have created a lesser version of that to show to the world then you can recreate that version to match your core. The choice is always yours. You create with words, thoughts and feelings. Celebrate yourself!

What are 5 FEELINGS you choose to feel today that expresses celebratory words for life and the version of yourself you wish to present to the world?

Here are mine: Free, Excited, Full of potential, Magnificent, Exhilarated

  1. The Laws of Creation tell us that your vibrational broadcast will equal how you feel and thus how you create. You determine your creation right NOW by how you feel. If you modify your feelings you transform your creation. What do you want to create today?

What are 5 FEELINGS you choose to feel today that will support what you wish to create for yourself?

Here are mine: Love, Equality, Prosperity, Happiness, Connection

If you enjoyed this exercise, please join us for the FEEL GOOD CHALLENGE daily on Facebook! It will change your life, it will help humanity, and it will be FUN.

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The True Self

The True Self by Jan Engels-Smith

The True Self


In the process of spiritual development, one seeks to find one’s true self. The discovery of the sacred being that lies within provides the means by which we can move beyond the limitations we have created in living our lives.  This is the manner in which we achieve the ascension that alters our current reality and restores us to the sacred form for which we were created.  We contain the essence of our ascension within us. The true self is the version of you that is divinely perfect and is the full embodiment of your actualized potentials.  You were born divine and contained within your being is the blueprint of divine perfection that has been hidden away by the perceived reality of human limitation. If one’s life were not disrupted by the sense of inadequacy and imperfection that we believe to be real, our natural evolution would allow us to emerge as adults with our perfection intact and our true self the accurate image of who we really are.  Our modern world, however, intercedes and leaves us with a false sense of ourselves.  The true self journey involves an effort to rediscover the divine, to restore our integrity as perfect beings, and to ascend to our natural place in a flawless universe.

The first effort in ascension is to understand that the perception of your flawed self is a product of a world that has lost its equilibrium and sees life as a condition of scarcity and inadequacy. In the most ideal and perfect life scenario, you would have only experienced positive feedback, you would not have been subjected to the wounding of your being, and you would have known only unconditional love. You would never have had your heart broken, been unjustly punished, nor felt inferior.  If you were living in this natural state, your parents would love you deeply, there would be no sibling rivalry, you would not be in a competition where your success is measured by another’s loss, and you would not be constrained by rigid cultural norms that diminish your worth, rather than enhancing it. If the world were as it should be, our pathway to enlightenment would be effortless and self-evident, but the fact that the way may be difficult does not mean that the individual cannot overcome all barriers and ascend beyond the pettiness and imperfection of such impediments. The power to do so lies within.

The Dalai Lama once said, “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”  The supreme happiness that we find in discovering our true perfect self is a result of the spiritual development that comes when we make the decision to seek enlightenment, to love unconditionally and commit to the pursuit of a restoration of our sacred self.  It is unquestionably a difficult task to overcoming the ingrained falsity of a world that bombards us daily with negative images of war and suffering, defines us as inadequate to the undertaking of changing our life, and promotes a sense of hopelessness and helplessness. Or equally difficult to overcome is a world that shouts entitlement and creates the scenario that your needs are greater and more important than someone else’s. However, the processes of ascension empower one in ways that draw strength from the power of the cosmos and from the support of the spirits that readily respond to our needs.

The universe not only sustains us in our journey but also imbues us with ever increasing power. This never ceasing support coupled with your willingness to let go of wounds and judgments creates the template for the embodiment of the true self. The return to our true self provides us with the exceptional strength of being in the natural way. Failure, futility, ineffectiveness, and helplessness are not the natural conditions of our perfect self; they are the problems imposed by a world out of balance, an ego out of balance and by the false assumption that we are unworthy. Your natural condition is in alignment with the natural order and the natural order is one of abundance, happiness, and harmony. When humans harm nature, nature begins the effort to restore the natural order—cleaning the polluted waters and air, restoring the forests, providing sustenance to wildlife, and creating balance in the environment. You are a part of nature even if your soul has been damaged.

If you rediscover your connection to the natural world, nature will begin your restoration, but you hold the responsibility to establish the connection and persevere to move in the flow of this natural order. Reflect inwardly and honestly, face the reality that you have helped to create.  Your efforts will help align you to the universe. The universe always wants what is best for us, even when we resist change.

Just as negativity breeds greater negative conditions and a sense of weakness compounds our sense of failure, so does the assumption of personal power create an ever-increasing inner strength that can overcome all obstacles to our self realization. Although the wounds in your life may have cut deep and caused substantial emotional and physical injury, they have not touched your true self.  Your true self has no wounds and its energies are undiminished.  The damage you have suffered to your external self has been imposed by negative forces and false messages that you have accepted and internalized.  We have all, at one time or another, succumbed to the belief that we do not have the will or power to change our conditions in life, but such resignation denies the fact that there is within us an inner power that began in perfection and is absolutely capable of returning to perfection.  We are not the failure; the world out of balance is the failure. The universe and the spiritual world have not abandoned us; we have abandoned them. The pathway to our true self is through spiritual enlightenment and ascension to higher dimensions.

There are practices associated with shamanic journeywork that speak specifically to discovering the true self. Indigenous cultures existed in closer context with nature than do modern Western cultures.  As a result, those civilizations with their roots deep in the natural world would instinctively connect with a universe in balance and thus be more likely to be in harmony with nature and exist as their true self. Our work with shamanism in our modern world is for the purpose of rediscovering our true self and, if we understand how to live in closer communion with the cosmos, we are more likely to do so. I would not suggest that the work is easy or that the discovery of one’s true self will come without effort, but there are ways to proceed that will bring you closer to the understanding needed to be successful and the practices will immediately enhance your life and well-being.

In a spiritual journey, we seek to merge with the spirits, to communicate with non-physical beings, and to learn how to heal.  In my practice I have assisted individuals to make such a journey and have brought them carefully back to the current reality. This gradual return is for the purpose of grounding the individual and to insure that he or she might be safe in their reconnection with everyday ordinary reality.  I always want to act with concern for my students and make their experience positive and productive. Years ago, while leading a journey with a group of students, I was preparing to have the students “come back” from their journey, demerge from their spiritual allies and to ground themselves prior to returning to our every day physical reality when the spirits told me to quit bringing them back and quit having them demerge. I was surprised because I had been taught to make sure that a person returning from a journey should be fully grounded so that she or he might be better able to function in this reality.  I understood it as a safety measure and I asked the spirits why they would make such a request.  They explained that when we are journeying in a non-physical reality with an altered consciousness we are closest to our true self.

Our perceptions, our abilities, our connection to other life in this altered state are in alignment with a true reality. The world out of balance is ordinary reality. In our everyday life we have come to accept a “reality” that denies our true self and dominates our thinking and actions. The spirits believe that we must bring back with us from our journey the genuine sense of who we truly are which we can often feel when merged with a spirit ally and with that understanding an enhanced ability to restore that self. I have come to understand with the assistance of the spirits that we do not return from that altered state with the intent of simply returning to our old self but to bring back a different understanding and the power to be different from what we had been before. This is the truly “safe” way to return to this reality because our true self must become our natural condition in all realities and not just in the spirit world.  We come back from an altered state in another reality but the life we return to should be altered as well.

Merging with spirits in our journeys is not only for the healing power that can be provided or for the protection of our souls from adverse forces but also to allow us to experience what life lived as our true self might feel like.  In the journey we achieve a state of contentment, peace, and even ecstasy.  We escape our sense of woundedness and feel empowered and strong.  This condition is a reflection of the true self that lies within us and our work in self-actualization is to bring that feeling into our everyday existence. The spirits are acting as intermediaries to elevate our awareness of our potential and to help us understand that our ascension is possible and that this perfect self that we encounter in that world of higher vibrations can be rediscovered in this immediate world. When you are able to return from a journey and to bring the experience of the altered state you have visited back to the current reality, you will have begun to change the person you thought you were into the person you should be.

The residual consequence of your rediscovery of your true self will be to effectuate a change in the world that you encounter every day. Humankind has made the world into a place of environmental degradation, conflict, and stagnation by succumbing to the false assumption that unnatural forces control us and we do not control them. But the natural forces that indigenous cultures aligned with and that we are discovering anew through our spiritual evolution are fueled by individuals who have achieved a personal alteration and have empowered themselves to act. As we discover our true self, the world recovers its true balance. The great wonderment of the universe is that all we need to be awaits us and the possibilities are infinite.

The unwounded true self awaits our rediscovery.

The book, Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart dives further into the exploration of finding your True Self.

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Journey from Head to Heart

Journey from Head to Heart by Jan Engels-Smith

journey from head to heart


As I observe clients moving through the personal journey from head to heart, two main themes emerge again and again—the need for self-awareness and for redefining self. The first is a need for awareness of their own intrinsic worth. Spirit is continually providing evidence that God not only loves, but also values each being beyond all imagination. In the process of becoming yourself you become open to this reality. The second need is for redefining self in terms of this unconditional love. It is often difficult for the mind to grasp the meaning of a love with no conditions, but the heart is capable. Unconditional love is not based on what you do, how hard you try, whether you are successful, or even if you are a “good” person. There is nothing that you could do to not be loved. In the journey from the head to the heart, one comes to understand this type of love and apply it to self. When you truly understand the unconditional love from God, you move closer to being able to love yourself unconditionally. Your complete self-acceptance replaces prior doubts, disappointments, and regrets. All of life’s “should have,” “would have,” and “could have” feelings dissipate in a newfound awareness of one’s own immense worth in the eyes of God.

Through my own experiences, my own journey from head to heart, I have found that healing and the restoration of one’s wholeness can be complete. Answers to the questions of life’s mysteries—what is life all about, why do people become so wounded, how do people heal, why does it take so long for some to heal, why aren’t people happy, and why do so many people stay entrenched in the past instead of alive in the present moment—all can be answered.  The beauty of the answers is that they bring wholeness, understanding, happiness and new beginnings for the people who employ them.

What I have learned on this divine path is that life is to be enjoyed and being whole feels wonderful!

Our perfect selves exist within us and our quest is to recognize, affirm, and bring it to full realization. We desire to find fulfillment in a unity with the wholeness of the universe and to achieve the completion of our destiny. We strive for the alignment that will empower us to be that which we were meant to be.  However, in even our most committed states and with our energies focused and our minds set, we may fall short of the fulfillment of our spiritual completeness and struggle to continue the effort of personal enlightenment. The universe is a place of opportunity and wonder; it does not create barriers to self-actualization but is a place where the prospects of spiritual fulfillment are real and waiting for us to show up. The universe does all that it can do to help us become aware, comprehend, and accept the ideal state that is our true self.  Where do the hindrances to our success originate? What are the deterrents to our unity with the universal oneness that is the natural state of existence? How can we deal with impediments to our spiritual awakening?

We cannot look outside of ourselves for the causes of our struggles.

Although we possess within ourselves the unlimited power to become that which we desire and the spiritual world is an ally in our evolution to finding our true meaning in life, there exists within all of us a life history that has encountered pain, regret, and disappointment and in these experiences we had constructed false images of reality that caused us to imagine impossible obstacles and hopelessness.  Even as we move forward in our spiritual practices, the residues of these past incidents have left negative impressions and they continue to influence our current efforts.  These residual energies manifest in us as resistances (our own, not the universe’s) and our awareness and understanding of them will allow us to address their impact and, ultimately, to overcome their influence on our spiritual quest.

My book, Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart is now available on Amazon and at your local book seller.

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Are We Merely Players? Part 2

Are We Merely Players? Part 2 by Jan Engels-Smith

I am continuing a thread of information that was given to me from the spirits about living in our True Self and not in the illusion of our projected self. The scenario the spirits originally presented to me was in a journey where I saw many non-physical, intergalactic beings present as the audience in a large theater. The theater was massive and these non-human beings arrayed among balconies and tiers and on the floor of the theater. They gathered to observe human performers acting their parts in the drama of life.

I came to understand that these beings found us humans assuming roles of our imagined illusionary selves, playing the parts we thought others had expected of us or acting out imaginary protagonists that we defined as ourselves.  The nonphysical beings seemed fascinated and even amused by the efforts of humans to become something other than their true selves. Much as we view actors on the big screen critiquing roles as academy award winning performances, knowing full well these performances aren’t the true nature of the actors. These intergalactic beings understood that humans were blurring the lines between their real selves and these imagined characters and thereby losing the ability to understand their true natures.  In other words becoming too identified in their role.

This is a lesson to be learned well and a truth that can alter both individuals and social systems.  When Shakespeare in Hamlet has the character Polonius say, “This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man,” the playwright references Hamlet’s tragic flaw—a great man’s failure to be true to that which he knows is his authentic self.  We fool ourselves by our playacting, but deep within we constantly hear voices that keep us aware that something is not resonating with our inner selves when our pretenses are displayed to others.  These voices are the spirits subtly reminding us that we are making unnecessary choices to not display our true natures.  The spirits know that this inner self is the better self and that if we can discover and exhibit the perfect being that lies within us than we and all around us will be the better for it.

I have spoken and written often of the need for alignment—the positioning of all things in the universe in their proper and true orientation that allows for the ascendancy of humankind into a oneness with the cosmos. The first effort in achieving this cosmological alignment is to look within and discover our true selves and align our actions and behaviors to this factual reality of ourselves, the first form of our essence that was imparted to us in our beginning but which we may have distorted by denying its existence or failing to see its truth.  The achievement of this inner alignment will immediately begin to alter the universe because the cosmos awaits us. The universe waits patiently in its perfection and harmony for humans to discover their true natures and recognize that their assumption that they are separate entities is an artificial construct and a personal deception.

Once we have overcome these artificial barriers of separate identity, we flow freely into an accord with the universe and realize that our lives hold more meaning because we are the universe and we are one with the cosmos. This is the ascendancy to which I have referred often. It is not physically being caught up into the heavens but unifying with the essence of existence and ascending to a higher plane. It is available to all of us. I believe that we are at a critical moment in human history that was predicted by many indigenous cultures in their primal understanding of being in unity with their world and seeing themselves as in harmony with an environment that provided for their needs and that they in turn had a responsibility to nurture and protect.

When we in the Western World began to believe that we were the masters of our environs and that we could mindlessly extract the bountiful resources of the earth and deplete the natural assets without regard for our dependence on a clean and healthy environment, we disrupted the natural harmony of life that we participated in and broke the natural state of interdependence that governs an innately unified system.  There is a parallel between this larger scheme of things and our internal being. Being true to ourselves means to understand that we have access to bountiful resources within ourselves when we are in harmony with our true essence and this inner harmony allows us to come into congruence with the universe. If we act out our pretend natures we disrupt this harmony and our true selves are denied.

Let me extend my allusions to Shakespeare with one additional reference.  In the final act of his tragic life, Macbeth delivers the following soliloquy:

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

To the last syllable of recorded time,

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death.

Out, out brief candle!

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more: it is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

Macbeth is defeated and his ambition has caused him to act in ways unnatural to his noble nature.  His life has been one of failure and mistaken action. His analysis of life in his speech is to the life that he has wasted and the missed opportunity to have been true to his potential for greatness.  We too may strut and fret upon the stage and end signifying nothing or we may look deep within ourselves and discover the greatness that resides within our reach if we, unlike Macbeth, discover our true self.

The spirits have made it clear that we must recognize that we often fool ourselves by acting out roles that we imagine to be true but are not reflective of our true nature. We possess the power to make a dramatic shift to a different way of being and in ascendency with a universe of oneness. In the drama that is our life, we must remember that we are not only the actor, but also the playwright, the director, and the set designer; we have the ability to create a true and meaningful performance for the ages—one that is real and wonderful.

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Are We Merely Players? Part 1

Are We Merely Players? Part 1 by Jan Engels-Smith

Are we merely players?


All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts….

William Shakespeare, As You Like It


In one of my journeys a year ago, I saw many nonphysical beings present as the audience in a large theater arrayed among balconies and tiers and on the floor of the theater, who observed human performers acting their parts in the drama of life.  I came to understand that these beings found us humans assuming roles of our imagined selves, playing the parts we thought others had expected of us or acting out imaginary protagonists that we defined as ourselves.  The nonphysical beings seemed fascinated and even amused by the efforts of humans to become something other than their true selves.  These intergalactic beings understood that these humans were blurring the lines between their real selves and these imagined characters and thereby losing the ability to understand their true natures.

The spirits explained to me that we humans continue to play parts of fictional characters that we have created to explain ourselves according to expectations of others and our ego self’s need to create a façade to conceal some truth that we fear.  This avoidance of knowing and being ourselves stems from a distorted belief that we are somehow not good enough or worthy of the life we have been given, and the spirits were puzzled by this odd sense of ourselves because they saw and understood us in the context of a perfect universe, unified in a wholeness and completeness that belied any sense of unworthiness. These beings had one identity—their true nature and the role they played in existence being the same—and they did not distinguish their essence from their behaviors. The intergalactic beings were both bemused and amused by the strangeness of our mentality that had a need to create caricatures of ourselves rather than realizing that the reality of who we really are is more than sufficient, even magnificent.

I thought of the way in which we observe actors portraying characters that cause us to imagine that the actor is the person she is portraying and how we come to believe that the performer embodies the fictional character until we see her in a real life setting where we are reminded that the two persons are distinctly different.  The real and the imagined coexist but only one bears the truth of the person’s nature. Watching a situation comedy or drama on television we identify with the character being portrayed as a quick wit, a buffoon, an anxious individual given to panic, a courageous hero, or any of a million other imagined stereotypes and lose sight of the person behind the performance mask.  If an actor plays a character often enough, he may even become typecast and struggle to get a different role because of how the audience has come to identify with the fictional character. We are sometimes shocked and surprised when we observe the performer in a real life situation and discover that they are very different from the character they play. In the same way, we allow others to see who we imagine they want us to be and we may even begin to believe that we are the person we are creating.  The intergalactic beings were most puzzled by our self-deception in our believing that what we pretend to be is somehow better than what we truly are.  Their puzzlement stemmed from their knowledge of the perfection of the universe and that in our oneness with the cosmos we could not be less than perfect.  In fact, these beings seemed most concerned that we in subtle ways imparted our imagined flaws to the characters that we played rather than using all of that energy to find the perfection within ourselves.

This is a lesson to be learned well and a truth that can alter both individuals and social systems.  When Shakespeare in Hamlet has the character Polonius say, “This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man,” the playwright references Hamlet’s tragic flaw—a great man’s failure to be true to that which he knows is his authentic self.  We fool ourselves by our playacting, but deep within we constantly hear voices that keep us aware that something is not resonating with our inner selves when our pretenses are displayed to others.  These voices are the spirits subtly reminding us that we are making unnecessary choices to not display our true natures.  The spirits know that this inner self is the better self and that if we can discover and exhibit the perfect being that lies within us than we and all around us will be the better for it. This better self is the True Self.

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Creation of Truths

Creation of Truths by Jan Engels-Smith



As our energy radiates outward and encounters like vibrations, we reinforce our perceptions of the world and secure to ourselves a proof of our beliefs. Thus everyone can PROVE that his or her belief system is true because our attraction of like vibrations affirms the truth for us.

One will have experience after experience, which supports the individual’s belief system. In that it is their reality, it is true. However, because the belief system proves itself to be true, does not necessarily make it either right or helpful for the individual.

Remember that what we attract to us might promote positive conditions or might draw in negative energy and prove damaging. Whatever the nature of this reality, the continuing reinforcement of the reality of the belief will over time produce a thoughtform.

Thought forms become overarching paradigms that take on the nature of perceived “universal truth” in the collective eyes of a culture and can define an era and last for centuries. Their “truth” exists in the acquiescence of a civilization to accept and not question the validity of the thought. The passing of an era and the emergence of a new world occurs with the shifting of a paradigm and “truth” becomes redefined. Early human civilization was characterized by a belief in the oneness of humans with their environment and as hunters and gatherers these so-called primitives lived as part of their surroundings and not apart from its wildness and naturalness.

Indigenous cultures continued to hold these thoughtforms even as so-called advanced civilizations became detached from the world and sought to subdue and control it. The Early Agricultural Age was characterized as a struggle to control the forces of nature, to subdue the natural elements and to bend the forces of the universe’s energies to satisfy the power lust of civilized man.

After the passage of centuries, civilization took another giant step into the future with the emergence of the Industrial Age and the conversion of work into a process of a larger corporate entity and humankind into mechanisms to feed this machine.

What had been crafts and satisfying individual achievements became work on an assembly line or toil at desks where the individual had little knowledge of the larger complexity of the system, much less any influence. Thoughtforms created a reality that seemed to be the natural condition of advancing civilization and the acceptance of this belief made it real. This example is of a thoughtform in the largest possible context, but a thoughtform may also exist as the product of an individual belief system. In fact, the larger thought form emerges as the individual thoughtforms of the members of a civilization begin to converge and a common belief system materializes and assumes the role of “truth.”

The ending of an era also is the result of individual alterations of individual thought forms. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius is the product of emerging new understandings of the necessity to align oneself in harmony with the world and to see the oneness of ourselves in the universe. As these common beliefs coalesce around a new universal awareness, we become collectively conscious of our new “truth” and the old thought forms begin to fall away as a new era comes into being.

For us as individuals, the significant takeaway from this knowledge of the constructs of civilization is that our individual thoughts, beliefs, and actions are the source of the fundamental change that shifts an entire culture to a new consciousness. All great change begins with individual transformation and the universe depends on each of us for our contribution to the shift.

This recognition of your individual power and the focus on healing yourself is the beginning of the transformation that is possible for each of us.

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Internal Quest: Merging With Your True Self

Internal Quest: Merging With Your True Self by Jan Engels-Smith

Internal Quest: Merging With Your True Self


A sculptor was once asked how he created such marvelous results from the stone he worked. He replied, “If I want to carve an elephant in stone, I simply chip away all of the stone that does not look like an elephant.”

The artist’s creative process involved finding the inherent qualities of the stone and revealing them to the eye. The challenge is to find the truth within the medium.

The sculptor’s statement is relevant to the process of self-realization as well. In our efforts to find ourselves, we often believe it necessary to reinvent or alter ourselves into someone entirely different from who we are. We overlook the inherent truth within ourselves. Becoming ourselves is the process of chipping away that which is not us and discovering the self that has always existed. Becoming who we are is finding the divine self — the work of exquisite art — the universe embedded in our soul. Becoming who we are — the true “us” — is a path to healing and enlightenment.

Finding our true self, however, is not easily achieved. It requires letting go of previously held ideas, or “states of mind,” and uncovering the wisdom available in our own heart. Western rational thought has emphasized the analytical examination of self through scientific and qualitative means. However, reaching an understanding of self through purely analytical means is as futile as if the artist were to create purely from analysis of form and not from the creative powers of heart and soul. The journey from head to heart results in the integration of the total self — mind, heart, and soul.

We are born as our true self; unwounded and an expression of the divine. In the ideal world our parents, extended family, teachers and culture would validate this awareness of the divine. But we don’t live in an ideal world so layers of untruths are delivered to us and often we accept them as truth. The true self becomes buried or lost and it is our internal quest to find it. The true self is unwounded, has no problems, no judgments, and can live free. The true self is heart centered not ego centered. The true self is only unconditional love, again an expression of the divine incarnate.

The spirits tell me that most people interact and communicate from wound to wound. Since wounds monopolize thinking they then monopolize belief systems that develop in our maturation process. The wounds become imbedded and are mistaken for the core. In the process of self-actualization a discovery process of the true self is initiated. At first the true self may seem like a concept, or an idea, yet the reality and actual experience of it is elusive. Conscious action is needed to actually define the true self into a 3D reality expression.

Merging with the true self is a first step in the embodiment of this version of self. Merging is envisioning you in your highest version — the qualities that would make you feel vivacious, vital, thriving and alive, all of the abilities/qualities you wished you displayed in life, including your perfect appearance, perfect health, perfect intellect — in your most dynamic self, then inviting that version to enter into your body. Even though this idea implies that the true self is outside of a person, it is a virtual practice that has merit. Often the true self is so removed from the reality of an individual that the idea of an outside merge has great value. Incorporating the true self for even a moment can be beneficial to retrain the subtle body fields (emotional, mental, and physical) in how it feels to move into this energy construct.

The more the merge is practiced the easier it becomes and the longer the merge can hold. Like most merges there is a training period of focus that needs to develop in an individual that eventually allows the individual to move or speak without losing the merge. Also merges are never 100% in the beginning. I don’t use the word never very often but in this case it is appropriate. If you think of a merge on a scale of 0-100% most people would fall in the 2-5% range in the beginning. This percentage grows according to practice and self-evaluation. I am so convinced that merging is the way to teach the subtle body fields another reality that I have dedicated one of my classes — LV3 — to this activity.

Even with astute concentration, dedication, and practice I have never witnessed a 100% merge in my students or any of my teachers in the United States. John of God in Brazil has come the closest to that level. Regardless, any progress that a person makes is beneficial to the quest of self-actualization.

A question might be posed: Why would anyone want to self-actualize? Living in the True Self holds that key for the highest expression of the Aquarian Age that is upon us. The true self holds no judgment; has no wounds; is not fragmented in any way; has no past history that determines the present or future; allows all others to shine; lives in a state of ecstasy, a form of joy and peace that is foundational and generated from the core; has a broadcast of instant manifestation for the good of all without comparison, competition, or scarcity. There is only good and a deep pleasure of another’s gain. There is applause in the win-win, and a well-developed appreciation for another person’s perspective.

This being is mature and childlike at the same time, led by the heart and only the heart. This person would not have disease, allergies, hardship, because those ailments are all created or interpreted as wounds or difficulties. This person only radiates brilliance consistently. If more people incorporated and embodied their true self there would be no war, no pollution, no contaminants, because those things are all created from negative thoughts. Life and the world would become unified. The oneness that we desire would manifest, the utopia unveiled.

We carry this power to achieve and create this reality within us. We were all born with it because we were all born in the state of grace and as an expression of the divine. Each of us can choose to incorporate our true self more and more each day. With that decision more and more energy is broadcast into the universe that spreads and creates the thoughtform of peace.

You cannot create peace if you are angry with what is happening in the world. They are incongruent energies and do not match. The true self is not angry with what is happening in the world, because the true self is not angry about anything. The external world is a reflection of the internal world. It is ineffective and actually energetically outdated to think that you can change what you don’t like by taking a stand against it. That type of thinking only creates more of what you don’t like. You contribute to the problem and do nothing to improve it.

The new millennium, the Aquarian age, the prophetic times that we are immersed in now all point to the internal quest. How are you being, how are you thinking, how are you believing? This age is bringing the empowerment back to the people. Empowerment requires responsibility and accountability. It is easy to blame others, but empowered people don’t blame. They are consistently aware of what they are doing and making strides in self-actualization.

Unity consciousness means that each individual affects the whole. When your beliefs change, you change and then the world changes. Look at what is veracious in yourself. Merging with the true self lets you feel this at a visceral level. Merging with compassionate healing spirits lets you feel this at a visceral level.

Shamanism is about working intimately with these compassionate healing spirits. Shamanism’s mission is to alleviate suffering in the world. This is done by alleviating the suffering inside one’s self. It is done by choosing joy, it is done by concentrating on appreciation and gratitude, it is done by being responsible and accountable to what type of energy you are contributing to life moment by moment, it is done by the commitment to learn how to do these processes and then being loyal to them. The beauty of this is astounding. There is no failure, no reprimand, no loss, no demands, there is only unconditional love.

un·con·di·tion·al (adjective) with no conditions or limitations. Complete or guaranteed, with no conditions, limitations, or provisos attached
· unconditional love – no strings attached.

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The Basics of Becoming Yourself

The Basics of Becoming Yourself By Jan Engels-Smith

becoming yourself


You are an incredible spirit of divine perfection, the same composition as God. Creator is an ocean and you are a drop of water in that ocean. You carry within you the exact components and properties of the entire ocean. You are made of God, in the reflection of God, and God is in you.

This does not mean that you are God as a drop of water is not the ocean or that God takes on a human form as a woman or man (as the ocean is not a drop of water. It means that your spirit, which is housed in your body, is part of a giant whole we refer to as Great Spirit. God has many names: Great Spirit, All That Is, Mother/Father, Great Mystery, Allah, and Lord. All are interchangeable. Everything is made up of the same energy; every tree, rock, grain of sand, gust of wind, drop of water, animal, insect, bird, planet, and stars are expressions of the divine. We are all interconnected in a divine and profound way.

The universe is unlimited and if you choose to explore it, you will awaken to a whole new way of knowing-a whole new way of being. Spirit is available to all people at equal levels; there is no “better than,” or “more deserving.” The choice to raise your consciousness means to broaden your awareness, open up to new possibilities, step out of your comfort zone, and to allow information other than what you already “know.”

The following basic truths are unifying principles I have learned in my work with the spirits. They present concepts about healing and working with energy. Throughout this book I cite case histories and suggest how you might apply them to your own life to enhance your process of healing and well-being. I guarantee that if you make them a part of your daily life, your life will change accordingly.

Anyone at any time can make choices for happiness and healing. This includes you. Read the following truths and begin to ask how they might affect your life.

Universal Truths

1. God loves and values you unconditionally.

2. You are first and foremost a spirit-a soul having an earth experience. This earth-walk is but one fraction of your being.

3. Your spirit has a divine purpose.

4. You agreed to forget previous existence. This makes becoming enlightened a quality of remembering who you are. Remembering is embracing this reality and then making the necessary changes in your life to reflect this truth. Respect, honor, compassion, and reverence for all life are necessary components for the path to awareness.

5. You are here on earth for the following reasons; to experience, to co-create with Creator, and to remember. If you do nothing more from this point on in your personal growth, you will then achieve two out of the three previous points before you die. You will experience and you will co-create. You cannot help it because it is happening every second of every day. It will, however, take a conscious decision to remember. It is a conscious decision to awaken, to grow spiritually, and to become.

6. Walking the spiritual path means that you made a decision to seek the truth of who you are. The quality of life that you live is strictly a matter of choice. You may choose to live your life at any level of awareness; all are honored and respected; nothing is judged.

Our job as humans is to clear ourselves of the many judgments we hold toward others and ourselves. Judgments are what most often get in the way of personal growth and usually indicate personal feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, low self-esteem and lack of self-love. Judgments can cause fear, hatred, arrogance, war, greed, anger, blame, jealousy, pain, and loneliness-the psychological disorders of the human experience. They are often imprinted heavily and cloud the reality of one’s own being, which creates tremendous fear. Judgments have nothing to do with truth or the perfection of the soul.

Spirit does not pressure you to change, because you are loved unconditionally for all of eternity. The urge for change is a pressure you feel from within-your own soul urging you to create a better life. Happiness, peace, deep joy, and a closer connection to Source are all available to you. Something has encouraged you to ask questions, to seek, to pick up spiritual material. If your life is not being lived from a place of fullness, love, spontaneity, passion, sensuality, and divine joy, then you probably need to make some changes in your life in order to attain these qualities.

7. The universe is continually offering opportunities, opening doors, and answering prayers. You can choose to be conscious and awaken to these offerings.

8. Judgments, punishments, opinions of right and wrong or good and bad are human concepts. These concepts are illusions that hide the perfection of the soul. Judgments and punishments do not exist in the spirit world.

Life is the journey of becoming yourself, a continual cycle of evolving from one lifetime to the next. What you do not achieve in this lifetime, you will achieve later. You choose the rate at which you evolve. To follow the spiritual path is a choice and a matter of readiness, but it offers phenomenal rewards. It is a completely personal experience; no two existences unfold in the same manner. As the spirits constantly remind me, everyone participating in the earth-walk will eventually come to complete consciousness. It is only a matter of when.

The book, Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart dives further into the exploration of finding your True Self.

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