Climate Change

Climate Change by Jan Engels-Smith

This article is a continuation of last month’s article and the information that poured into me at our camp during LightSong’s 30th practicum. The focus for this article is the teaching that there is always a bigger picture occurring energetically that is often divine in character.  This bigger picture can be for every event that takes place, however that can present overwhelming challenges to try and explain so I will choose a couple topics to flesh out that came through at the practicum. As a teaching tool I would like you to image events, lifetimes, or issues, as a series of concentric circles.  The center nucleus being the presenting issue that has taken place.  Each concentric ring extending out from the center is a “different and more aware perception” of what the issue is actually about.  The energy moves away from the presenting facts and actually moves towards a more spiritual perspective.  The furthest circles may not address the issue at all but encompass an “understanding of life”

We have all received these teaching before in various forms using different verbiage.  Some examples are.

climate change


1.     You can not solve a problem at the same level as the problem.  Meaning if you are caught in the center with the presenting issues you are not moving into a more spiritual or aware mindset and you will stay caught in the problem.  (This is the subject that the spirits decided to teach at practicum).

2.     Life is about perception, and your perception will determine your attitude, your words, your thoughts, and your action.

3.     Change your perception and change your life.

The spirits highlighted a very hot topic to present these teaching at the practicum:  The topic of climate change.  At the very core or the center ring this topic is full of emotion, blame, and cause. We have the villains of the issue: fossil fuel emissions, deforestation, and the build up of greenhouse gases.  We become emotional with the news or experience of forest fires, drought, polar ice melting, the loss of species, catastrophic weather patters, or earthquakes.  We might become angry with politicians and their lack of attention or the greed of big business and oil companies.  Feelings of helplessness overwhelm, anger, disgust, or rage can be the result.  All of these emotions keep attention on the problem fueled with low frequency energies, which through the creation laws keep us captive to the problem with no escape and creating more of the problem.

As the spirits continued with their teaching moving into greater awareness of the issue they highlighted certain spiritual facts.

1.     There is a bigger reason for all events.

2.     The spirits love us and work with us with our prayers and desires.

3.     The universe is on our side, working for us not against us.

4.     Love prevails and is the strongest creative force in the universe.

5.     All things are created from love but it might take great exploration to find.

I for one have been praying for global peace, unity, harmony, balance, and well being for years.  It is a constant prayer of mine.  I believe that most of my readers would agree with this prayer and they too speak something similar.  So how can the world look so dismal and disjointed?  The spirits had me move away from the core of the issue of climate change and look at a bigger picture.  That possibly climate change is part of an answered prayer, that the earth is responding to us in a way that can be helpful.  What is a bigger perspective that is actually happening?

For the first time in history countries, nations, big business, clergy, lay people, scientists are actually coming together having conversations working in collaboration and in unity.  Politicians have to address issues and changes are finally happening that have the earth as the center point for wellness.  Alliances, teamwork, and relationships are being established.  Even the Pope is highlighting this to the peoples of the church.   In the bigger picture cosmic forces have come together to help us wake up and possibly achieve the peace, unity, harmony, balance and well being that we have prayed about.  Climate change is bringing people together. It is a catalyst of transformation.

So each one of us has to imagine Climate change being a gift instead of a problem and this changed perception will change the energy of it.  The changed perception puts energies into motion. Hold this intention in your heart.  We are creator beings and where we put our energy will manifest. The nature spirits say we love you more than you can ever imagine.

Another layer is to realize that so much of our belief of human existence is that humanity is destructive which goes back to the belief of original sin. We believe ourselves to be destructive so we consistently create that belief.   This has become cellular in many. We need to challenge this belief and change the core beliefs at a genetic level.

If we believe that we are gift and love ourselves as a species on earth we can make the difference and create that change.

We strive for a generational shift from the older generations, which are littered with guilt that humans are in charge of creating the damage on earth.  Look closely at the younger generation who have come in not to harbor this guilt and just go straight into the healing of earth.  Every single person has the full ability to change the whole world single-handedly.

I loved a comment from one of my students, Judith Harrigan who stated. Another version of climate change is the climate of the mind. Moving from greed, self-indulgence, fear, lack of awareness, and obliviousness to one of love, collaboration, unity, and hope. An internal climate change of perception. Personal climate change is the change in the climate of thought and awareness.

The model of the concentric rings can be used personally, and collectively.  Explore your issues.  Where are you caught in the middle and then image, and explore vast possibilities.  Notice and watch what happens energetically inside of you as you do this.  The possibilities are endless; the feelings of wellness are the result.



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Being in Your Right Brain

Being in Your Right Brain By Jan Engels-Smith

Being in Your Right Brain


The word “clairvoyant” is derived from Latin roots through French to English and literally translates as “clear sight.” Most understand the word as meaning intuitive, psychic, telepathic, second-sighted, perceptive, or farsighted. The first element of the word can also mean “light” as in “clair de lune”—moonlight. It’s a lovely word and perhaps appropriate to a discussion of the right hemisphere of the brain. Brain hemispheres are intriguing subjects for study and they can help us to understand how different cultures functioned, how some people can experience unusual perceptions from non-ordinary sources, and how each of us can develop our “clair” abilities although we exist in a Western culture dominated by left brain thinking. Clairvoyance– seeing- Clairaudience– hearing: Clairsentient – sensing- Claircognition– knowing Clair-Olfactory – smelling.

To better understand the right hemisphere, we might start by understanding modern industrial society’s obsessive dependence on left-brain thinking. The left side of the brain processes information sequentially and is considered the source of analytical thought. This part of our brain recognizes parts that make up a whole and, in processing verbal information, recognizes that one stimulus comes from another and verbal perception and generation depends on the awareness of a sequence in which sounds or stimuli occur. In other words, it looks for an anticipated organization that “makes sense” in the way that we have been trained to think. A left-brain dominant individual might have trouble “making sense” of right-brain thinking.

How then does right-brain thinking occur? The right brain hemisphere specializes in combining the parts to produce a whole.  Unlike the left, the right hemisphere organizes things simultaneously and perceives holistically.  It specializes in a method of thought that recognizes and constructs patterns and is most efficient at visual and spatial processing.  This is our source for processing non-verbal stimuli. Dreamers, artists, musicians, and visionaries are often right-brain dominant because, what left-brain thinkers see as “non-sense,” right-brain thinkers understand as an alternative way of “making sense.”

Modern Western societies, especially since the time of Isaac Newton and Rene Descartes, have developed a highly analytical and mechanistic approach to understanding the world and have sought a natural and rational explanation for existence that is highly dependent on observable and scientific phenomena that leaves little room for accepting the possibility of supernatural causality. Spirituality has a lesser status as such in left-brain dominant societies. Primitive (the term is used here to mean “first”) indigenous societies were far more developed in their ability to perceive with the right hemisphere of their brain and they understood the world intuitively and held a clear sense of the unity of all things.  Where Western culture identifies man as seeking dominance and as being one part of the environment in which he exists, indigenous cultures perceive all existence as a unified whole in a universe of interdependence and constancy.

So now we return to the opening paragraph of this essay and the reference to clairvoyance.  We often envision a clairvoyant as a psychic or fortuneteller or one able to see what is not naturally evidenced.  However, in the same way that we all possess analytical skills that differ in degree from one person to another, we all also possess the potential for clairvoyant vision and spiritual insight.  As one can develop one’s analytical skills through practice and mental exercise and thereby strengthen the functions of the left hemisphere of the brain, one can also cultivate the right hemisphere by deliberate attention to new realms of thought, such as visualization, shamanic journey and deep meditation.  These latter developments are more difficult than the former because we live in a society that places a higher value on left-brain thinking and fails to see the true value of the richer states of thought that create seemingly impossible accomplishments and open the society to new and better futures. One might say that the effective use of the analytical side of the brain permits us to succeed in the day-to-day life of Western society while the right hemisphere provides the opportunity to create a new world that is limited only by our imagination and willingness to form new paradigms of existence. As quantum theory has replaced Newtonian Mechanics as a new understanding of existence and mechanistic images have been supplanted by an extraordinary unified theory of oneness, we have been placed at the threshold of a new age where conflict and a sense of helplessness are displaced by unbounded potential and cosmic harmony. To be truly participatory, we must hone our “clair” abilities by attending to our right-brain hemisphere.  The difficulty in acquiring such second-“clair” powers is primarily a product of the indoctrination that we have allowed to dominate our culture, but the “clair” is accessible by everyone who chooses to remove the blinders of Western certitude and open one’s mind to infinitely greater possibilities.

The primary limitation of left-brain thinking is the failure to recognize that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  The mechanistic paradigm that governs left-brain thinking sees the parts of a system as independent elements and assumes that the combination of the parts produces the whole. A living system paradigm, the source imagery of right brain thinking, understands the whole as the true nature of existence and the disassembly of the whole into imagined components actually causes the whole to disappear.  An analogy for understanding this distinction might be to mentally picture two images—a clock and a human being. Imagine taking the clock apart and arraying the parts on a table.  Your mind can effectively reconstruct the clock back into its original form and you can even understand this form from the parts that are in front of you. The cogs and wheels and dials, etc. have meaning as a clock even in their separation.  Now consider a human being and what we determine to be the essence of a human being.  Now mentally disassemble this human into its component parts—muscles, skin, organs, hair, etc. and mentally array the parts before you. We can recognize the parts but the sum of those parts do not represent or restore that which we understand as life. Emotional states, spiritual constructs, meaning and purpose, reverie and contemplation, etc. are the core components of life, not the aforementioned pieces of the body. The left hemisphere is very competent at understanding the parts of the body and can apply mechanistic thinking to providing shelter, medical attention, and social organization for people, but the right hemisphere offers expansive possibilities for growth, change, invention, and transitions inaccessible to the left hemisphere. One might say that the left brain allows you to survive while the right brain offers one the opportunity to thrive.  We all strive to survive but we desire to thrive.

Vibrational energies that imbue our auras are present in all people regardless of whether they are left brain or right brain dominant. The difference for individuals lies in their awareness of and ability to influence the higher dimensional energies. The beginning of the ascension process is to develop the right hemisphere of the brain, which will provide a portal into these dimensions, and to continue the refinement of this deeper source of thought until one can begin to alter oneself and the universe in which we live. The other dimensions, seeing or experiencing spirits, the feelings of oneness and non-separation are all experiences of the right brain. Every small ripple of change from our personal efforts ripples out into a cataclysmic alteration of the cosmos because we are at one with the universe. If we create again a right brain dominant culture, our possibilities are infinite.

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Ascension, Appreciation, Action

Ascension, Appreciation, Action By Jan Engels-Smith

Ascension, Appreciation, Action


Ascension and greater consciousness have been my intention for years. I work with the spirits consistently and follow their guidance to the best of my ability. For the past several years the spirits have been diligent about me aligning with the natural rhythms of the earth and stars. Under their guidance, for one year I slept outside under the stars to regain this galactic rhythm. Yes, that means with no tent and yes, it rained and was very cold at certain times. It is amazing the melodies you can construct with the rain hitting a tarp over your sleeping bag. I then had to sleep on the ground in a cave realigning with the Earth, with no light. This was makeshift in my yard with tarps over a picnic table, which seemed to work just great. Now the spirits have asked me to move away from the Gregorian calendar. They have said that to realign with the stars and earth and then to continue to plan according to the Gregorian calendar is counter productive. LightSong dates need to be in astrological alignment not Gregorian. With that said my newsletter will reflect more lunar timing.

The conducts and methods of this world often pull us from our true self instead of aligning with it. Being in alignment with the natural cycles of the planets is minor in comparison to specific devastating thought forms that hold us separate from our mother, the Earth. Through the centuries we have remained caught in an illusion and a delusion that humans have dominance over the Earth and the children (creatures) of the Earth. Indigenous cultures see all of life as interdependent and unified. The stories of indigenous cultures provide a wisdom that exceeds the simple logic that human beings rely on. Human beings have evolved to lose that understanding and to imagine themselves as separate and superior. Mankind’s need to dominate has led him to resist and be blind to the true nature of the living system.

A vital step toward ascension or raising your vibration into higher levels of awareness is being in harmonic resonance with all life, to respect, honor, and devote one self to expressing reverence for all life; to be of service to the whole of life. This does not need to be gallant or noble in effort, but originates from the heart. It is expressed by the feeling of great appreciation — of spending time each day appreciating the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Those who have walked this way may consider this obvious; those new to the idea might find it strange. Independent of your history, the act of appreciation toward the Earth will help heal the dire straits we have created. To literally send the energy of love and appreciation with thoughtful intention to the Earth moves the pendulum on the continuum of life and starts creating a new thought from that will influence humanity positively, a thought form of veneration and respect of life, all her creatures in all its forms visible and non-visible.

Appreciation cuts through inter-dimensional lines of reality and services those of the invisible worlds. We are all together as we move collectively with the Earth into her ascended state of consciousness. All inhabitants are involved. Appreciate, and be in awe of the unseen (faeries, devas, sprits, elves, etc.). Yes, they do exist.

I recently asked the spirits how much do we actually see around us, what kind of percentage? I was dumbfounded when they replied, less than 1%. Wow, we are blind and yet try to have dominance. How arrogant of us.

Earth sings a song of deep unconditional love, which changes the vibration of all things. This song originates from the pure heart of her being; it transforms matter, spiritualizing it into its transcendent form. The Song of the Earth can rectify humankind when humans realize this, appreciate it, and harmonize with it. We can fortify the Earth’s song by sending appreciation to her. She will in turn augment and enrich us with inter-dimensional awareness, feelings of bliss and ecstasy that will well up within your being and you will become one with the One Song, the Universe. This simple, fortifying act can be done throughout your day and definitely during defined meditation times of concentration and focus. The transmutation of your being is without question one of the greatest contributions that you can make to the world. This reminds me of the truth that I live by, which is, it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world is doing; what matters is what I am doing. What vibration am I broadcasting? If I stay in my “Song” I will affect the world in the most positive way.

The other lethal thought form that humans have generated is that they are separate from God, Creator, or Source. This thought form has destroyed vitality, worthiness, inspiration, creativity, and passion amongst humans. Many people behave like beaten dogs with their tail between their legs, hovering, wining, and pitiful. No organization, government, religion, community, or person can give you your worth. It is intrinsic and your connection to Source is unequivocal.

Appreciation is again the healer of this illusionary state. To feel appreciation actually changes your DNA. It creates new connections in your brain and re-patterns thoughtwaves. It reprograms, revitalizes, and reconstructs new harmonic patterns in your lightbody. The feeling transfigures you.

During these turbulent times of chaotic weather patterns, governmental holocaust, environmental distress, be an activist of the highest order. Take action through appreciation! You will not only change yourself you will contribute to the transformation of humanity.

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Ascension 2012

Ascension 2012 by Jan Engels-Smith

Ascension 2012


The years 2011 and 2012 are pivotal times for humanity. The old paradigms that govern our lives are being deconstructed and new ways of understanding our existence are emerging as we reshape our universe in communion with the greater powers that lie within ourselves and our universe. Critical choices that we make at this time will determine the outcome and the degree to which we will align with and shape this new age.

Humans are the creator beings on this planet. I have come to clarity in my own thinking that this is the significant message from the universe and I have tried to instill this in my students and with other audiences. The magnitude of this message is staggering. Our current paradigm is one of limitations that views humanity as shaped by incapacity, unworthiness, and aimlessness. We have seen the collapse of social systems, a degradation of cultures, and a loss of an individual sense of meaning and happiness.

For the past few years we have watched the emergence of catastrophic weather patterns amid global warming, the failure of financial systems with foreclosures on peoples’ homes and high unemployment, strained international relations and wars, and an ominous sense of a dire future that threatens our children and hinders planning for a better life. Every individual and every family has been severely affected by these shifting energies and their negative nature.

The media has attempted to explain these new conditions, but they are trapped in explaining present and future conditions with mental models that have been fully discounted by events that they cannot understand and with historical perspectives that lack credibility in these new times. The challenges we face demand a new understanding on the metaphysical level and the old paradigms are sorely lacking in this realm.

The new energies appear to have only negative consequences when viewed through the lens of the old paradigm but, in truth, they offer the opportunity to deconstruct a system that has served humanity poorly, and to create a new order that restores our alignment with the positive forces of a benevolent universe. We must both create and participate in these new energies and take the responsibility to reshape our world and ourselves through our conscious effort to channel our own energies in this positive flow. Our individual thoughts and practices will determine whether humankind takes advantage of this opportunity or continues to flounder in outmoded and failed thinking. Each individual contributes to the whole, enhances the process, and contributes to the greater good with ease and grace when he or she revisions the future and engages with spirit and commitment.

What does it mean to ascend into a higher frequency of energy? It means that you must diligently practice raising your vibration. You are a broadcast of energy. This energy has a certain quality and variant intensity that creates your vibrational field and the power of the energy that radiates from your being. If you are a negative person, you will have a low vibration and you will be in alignment with the doom and gloom of what is happening around you. The internal energies of fear, worry, hopelessness, and incapacity are resonant matches with a world that is viewed as failing, and these energies blend with and enhance the prevailing negative forces. You will resonate with the problems that the media broadcasts and you will suffer despair and will not be capable of happiness, joy, or ecstasy.

Low vibration, negative energy has the ability to “prove” to the individual that the hopelessness that surrounds us is our reality and we come to accept what we perceive as inevitable. However, the acceleration of one’s vibrational energy through new positive understandings of our possibilities generates an energy within that emits a totally different vibrancy that shapes and reshapes all that it touches as it flows outward, and we come to recognize that all that we had believed was an illusion created by a faulty paradigm of limitation and scarcity.

Energetically, the earth is ascending into a new dimension. The great shift is toward a paradigm of unity and wholeness in a universe that is not fragmented and in conflict. This is a world that exists with forces that sustain life and create perfection — love, joy and ecstasy, and promise of a positive future. In order to reap the benefits of this prophesized shift you must be an energetic or vibrational match with this ascension.

Humankind has given little attention to this personal development and each of us must practice and master the natures that will fundamentally change us and our universe. Personal mastery will lead to emotional stability, great happiness, ecstasy, and personal ascension. Your new energies will be in harmony with the earth’s new fields of energy. The conflict that one has felt with one’s surroundings can be replaced with a sense of interdependence and wholeness, and the struggle of negative forces can be replaced with an inner peace and contentment. There is much to learn and to practice, but success is possible and the potential for change is REAL.

We are the pioneers of this new age, at least those of us that choose to venture into the uncharted landscape of the new world. The pressures exerted by the forces that currently envelope us should bring us to recognize that the time for us to respond is NOW-without hesitation or delay. We cannot procrastinate or wait for positive change to happen without us. If we are non-participatory we will not feel the positive currents of energy because our vibrational rate will not be in harmony with it.

The spirits have been molding me for this current phase of life for years and I feel excited, ready, and passionate about the information that they have presented. My classes have been the template on which I have recorded my new understanding and I have watched and witnessed the responses of others to this new information as it has evolved for years. Now I believe I am beginning to see an overview of the strong message that they have presented. My life’s work has been preparing others and myself for a different future.

The first of the year I will make this available to a larger audience, including those that are not grounded in the shamanic principles that I have taught for the past twenty years. The spirits are clear that to be in alignment with ascension there are particular principles and practices associated with our energy fields that must be understood and implemented. These will be presented in 2012 for those interested in the personal ascension necessary as the Earth shifts into a new dimensional reality.

Life is to be lived differently. I hope that you will participate with me during this next year and move through 2012 with a conscious decision to be participant with these emerging possibilities. The pay off will be a greater awareness, joy, and prosperity for you as an individual, and a long-needed healing for our world.

Doctor Who (Photo credit: Cayusa)

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Raising Your Body’s Vibrational Energy: Part 2

Raising Your Body’s Vibrational Energy: Part 2 by Jan Engels-Smith

Vibrational Energy


The following question was posed on the radio to a leading breast cancer surgeon, “Is there more breast cancer today than 30 years ago or is it just that our awareness of it has increased and more proper diagnosis is possible?” The answer was emphatic, “YES. There is MORE breast cancer today.” The surgeon continued with an explanation that there is something in the environment that we are exposed to that is increasing not only breast cancer, but also illness in general. Cancer research is now targeting the DNA code that is triggered with this environmental “pollutant”.

My question is, “What if it the pollutant is actually a frequency of energy?”

We know, because of a variety of signals in the air and water, that whales are being beached, their sonar affected and their homing signals interfered with during migration. The whales are suffering because of frequencies of vibrations being introduced into the water from submarines and military testing. The result of this testing and the frequency signals being used is devastating to the whales. Like humans with increased cancer and other diseases, the whales are ill.

The same type of thing is happening with bees. Cell phone usage and the amount of microwaves in the air are harming them. Their migration patterns and breeding patterns are also being interrupted and they are ill.

We as humans are also exposed to these enormous amounts of lower frequency wavelengths from microwaves, radios, computers, and cell phones. Our bodies are continuously bombarded with these lower frequency waves traversing through us. It is the lower frequency energies that cause illness within us. We are a high frequency system. When a high frequency system has low frequency intrusions in it, there is dis-ease in the system.

So is our predicament hopeless? Are we doomed to go out as a species on the earth because of cell phones? Heaven forbid.

Shamanically, the answer to health is always the same. The more high frequency energy that you can contain within you and surround yourself with, the healthier you will be. And remember, worry is low frequency so worrying about this is also detrimental to your health.

A proactive approach is what is necessary. Since EVERYTHING is a frequency of vibration, you can be active in what you choose and decide to expose yourself to, whether it is violent movies, negative news, or processed foods. You can reduce your exposure by choosing differently with just these three things.

You can be active in your choice of the words that you utter during a conversation. You can be active in your choices with your thoughts. You can be active in your choices to meditate or to fill with light, do Reiki self-treatments, do journeys and connect with spiritual beings. All of these are choices of exposure to high frequency energy.

Everything is a frequency of vibration. You are a frequency of vibration. If you are thinking thoughts that make you feel bad, then stop thinking them. Your body is actually saying to you, Warning! Warning! Warning! A harmful thought is being thought. I am communicating this to you by feeling bad, sad, or mad.”

Also do the obvious. Don’t consciously expose yourself to lower frequency energies. Keep a cell phone away from your head, use the speaker or use a head set. Don’t stand in front of a microwave, or better yet, don’t use one.

Can you think of one thing that you can change each day that will clean up your external environment and improve your internal environment (the internal environment being your own energy system)?

Be active in your choices. Read inspirational materials, play uplifting music of higher frequency when sitting at the computer, go for a walk in nature instead of watching the news.

Most of all, you have the choice to smile, inside and out, and raise your own frequency and for those around you.

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Raising Your Body’s Vibrational Energy: Part 1

Raising Your Body’s Vibrational Energy: Part 1 by Jan Engels-Smith

Raising Your Body's Vibrational Energy


The other day a phenomenon that had to do with vibrational alignment happened in my body and left me amazed. Many years ago, I was sitting in a sweat lodge with an excruciating headache asking for relief. The voice of spirit said loud and clear, “You cannot drink coffee or eat chocolate anymore.” I discounted the voice. Later, in another highly activated spiritual experience, I had a migraine and again the voice of spirit said, “You must stop ingesting coffee and chocolate. They are in direct opposition to your vibration.” Again, I didn’t listen.

My argument was that some of my greatest physical spiritual mentors just about live on coffee. How come they can do it but not me? The answer I received was simple. That is them and not you. This is your vibrational truth. And, I still didn’t listen. The next time I had a migraine, I literally thought I was having a stroke my head hurt so badly. I finally listened. I went off of coffee. That was about twelve years ago, but I still wasn’t rigid about restricting chocolate because I’d never been a chocoholic. .

I write this today because there is so much talk about vibrational alignment, raising vibration and what it means to live in a higher vibrational state of well being. AND there is also much conversation and information about food allergies, genetically engineered food, and processed food. All of these directly influence your well-being and your spiritual vibrational consciousness.

In the Level 3 class that I teach, students are required to merge with a spiritual ally and must hold the vibration of that ally for at least an hour. This often requires great shifts in their vibrational capacity to hold this energy. I often hear that students must change their diet as one of the requirements that their ally needs. The spiritual allies always vibrate at higher frequencies than humans and for humans to hold this energy they must build up to those particular vibrational frequencies. This is an amazing benefit to the human, because it realigns all facets of them, especially in their consciousness and their physical health. If the human doesn’t make the changes that are suggested by the spiritual ally, there will be a resistance or a conflict that will happen in the body. This can be experienced as pain. The container, the human body, isn’t capable of holding the higher vibration and so it hurts. It’s like sticking your finger in a light socket, zing… too much energy too fast, much more than our body can handle without building up to it, and so it hurts!

However, it is in these higher states of vibration that our divine essence thrives. The spirits have continually said that you must raise your vibration to be healthy, conscious, and aware. The higher vibrations are above the densities of much of human experience — the densities of doubt, fear, jealousy, revenge, sorrow, powerlessness, fear, disappointment, and judgment.

Humans have been reaching for higher consciousness since the beginning of time through meditation and spiritual methods of enlightenment. Egos were the prime resistance to the higher frequencies. Now, in 21st century spiritual consciousness, a new factor is brought in — FOOD. So many people have food allergies. As our desire for spiritual enlightenment has escalated into the masses, our quality of food has diminished because of genetic engineering and the processing of foods. Our bodies are rejecting these lower frequency energies. From a vibrational stand point as we try to increase our vibration, if the food we ingest isn’t a vibrational match, we will be in pain, the food will make us sick, and we will hurt. It’s as if the body screams, “Warning! Warning! Warning! This is not a match for who you are. This cannot sustain your vibration!’

My original statement at the top of this newsletter was, “The other day a phenomenon happened in my body that left me in amazement.” I finally “got” what the spirits have been telling me all this time at a very physical level. I was in a class running tremendous amounts of higher vibrational energy. There were pieces of chocolate on my altar and I decided to have a piece. I hadn’t eaten in several hours. I put the chocolate in my mouth and within ten seconds had a surge of pain go through my neck and track up into my head, which resulted in a full migraine. I was in pain until the next day when I could get to the chiropractor. My neck was dramatically “OUT” (the advanced medical term that many chiropractors use). I explained what had happened and asked, “Can chocolate really move my bones?” The answer was emphatically, “Yes!” My chiropractor gave me the same answer that I have heard so many times before, “Chocolate is not a vibrational match for you. Your body responded immediately with a shot of resistance, followed by pain as it responded to the intrusion of unmatched energy.” I finally got it. Thank you.

So all of you out there with food allergies and all of you that want to change your vibration, be more aware, more conscious, more open, and take a look at what you eat. As the spirits said, “We are all different.” There will be different foods that affect us in different ways. No two people are alike. Some, like me, will not be able to tolerate chocolate or coffee; others will find it takes them to the divine. We are all different and we are all vibrational energy. What I do know is that as my vibration has increased, my need for “healthy” food has also increased. I must follow the clues of my body and not resist the pain by taking an aspirin or getting endless chiropractic adjustments.

If you are not getting to the levels of spiritual awareness that you desire, OR if you are on a spiritual path and find yourself getting sick all the time and not understanding why, investigate your food and drink. Ask your spiritual allies for guidance. Pay attention to the obvious. What are you eating? Processed foods and empty calories? A shift to organic can make a tremendous difference. There are many methods that guide a person to the higher vibrations and the expansion of the mind and heart, but if your body is sick, something is still out of alignment. I hope it doesn’t take you as long as it did me to really understand.

I have spent the last 20 years of my life expanding my heart and holding higher levels of vibrations, yet my head would sometimes ache through these expansions. Since I didn’t actually have “allergies” I wasn’t looking at the obvious in myself. I know that I can be a hard sell at times to the spirits, but when I finally get something, I like to pass along the wisdom. Notice what you are ingesting as fuel for your spiritual growth.

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A Vortex of Desire

A Vortex of Desire by Jan Engels-Smith

I often listen to Abraham-Hicks material. I find it inspiring. Abraham is a group of spirits or non-physical beings that are channeled through a woman, Esther Hicks. Esther has been working with this group of beings for about 20 years and she has become quite proficient in bringing their message through to the world. I have listened to her for years and marvel at how she has changed because of carrying this higher vibrational energy. Abraham uses the expression, “create a vortex of aspiration or a vortex of what you desire and know that the universe is in motion responding to your desire.”

I like the word vortex because in my mind’s eye I can see a cone-shaped area that is full of my desires, my prayers, and my intentions. It is spinning and there is all this wonderful high frequency energy being broadcasted from the vortex. I can see and sense this energy and know that things are in motion. I can also see in my mind’s eye if I am in the vortex or not. Sometimes the only component missing in my vortex is ME. For whatever reason I am on the outside of my vortex. The only way I can be in the vortex is to be an energetic match for it. I then have an action to take to put me in the vortex. I like action because I am a doer. The action is something that will enable my feelings to change, to bring them up to the high frequency component of the vortex. I know that if I change my thoughts, and decide to think of something fun, or appreciative, my feelings will change accordingly and I can visualize myself hopping into the vortex. It is a game that I play with myself, but it seems to work.

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