Community Classes and Events

These listings are for community classes and events held by people involved in the LightSong Community, but are not part of the LightSong curriculum:

Reiki Circle with Colleen Benelli

Reiki Circle meets the first Tuesday of each month. 6:30-9:00pm.


Regents Center
3185 NE Regents Dr
Portland, OR 97212

If you arrive late, please come in quietly and join a table.

Shamanic Sound Healing Events with Dr. Lauri Shainsky

2018 Sound Healing Events:

Word Doctoring: March 4 9 AM – 5 PM at Hidden Lake
Facilitated by Lauri Shainsky, Sh.D., LightSong Associate Teacher/Healer

A wisdom day of soul-level nourishment through poetry, sound, spirit, Mother Earth. 9 am- 5 pm.

In the tradition of Celtic Shamans, as taught to me by Tom Cowan, we embark on the use of words to create our world anew and manifest that which we most need and desire.

The Celtic Shamans were called poets. They knew the secret magic imbedded in the intentional turn of phrase, prayer, incantation, chant, recitation. We rediscover and enhance our abilities to connect with the spoken word, especially our favorite poems. Through use of our voice to bless the words with our hearts, meaningful words “cast spells”, and help us to shift our consciousness, create change in our bodies and minds, and to set intentions for grand building out into the universe for divine orchestration.

A day at beautiful Hidden Lake inspires the poet(ry) within and all around us all, nourishing the soul, and expanding the relaxing glowing self.

Bring your own lunch.

Cost: $95

The Drum and the Sacred Voice: March 11 9 AM – 5 PM at Hidden Lake
Facilitated by Lauri Shainsky, Sh.D., LightSong Associate Teacher/Healer 

We will indulge in the power and wisdom that emerges when we wed our voice to the magic of the drum. Shift your consciousness, state of well-being in this tribal circle of healing and learning. This experiential day of neo-shamanism & sound healing will change the way we walk and make sound in the world, and will uplift our body-mind-soul ecology.

Power up, drum anew, sing, release, receive.

The drum historically held a fundamental position of power in many many cultural and spiritual lineages. Drums and voices have traditionally been used in ceremony and ritual in a sacred interwoven tandem, We are called to enjoy and continue the gift of legacy in this regard.  During this powerful day we will connect deeply with our drum (the one that most wants to come). We learn to listen to its creation story, and the magnificent uniqueness that comes through from its birth place. We will discover how our own vocal uniqueness weds with our drums to bring love and light into our worlds.

Drums and voices used intentionally can significantly change our vibrations (or those of others). Sound made in this way can alter brain and overall chemistry, neurology, cell ecology, and much more. We can change history using sound in shamanic ways. While drums can act as the central line of rhythm, the power of intentional chanting, toning, and song unite with the drum to channel power and wisdom from divine realms into our body-mind-soul-ar system, and our soul’s ecosystem (relationship with all things).

Together we will creatively explore the interplay of voice and drums, gathering with others to organically shift our well-being and states of consciousness. A tribal circle, we learn, heal, express together.

9 am- 5 pm Bring your own lunch. $95

Bird Medicine: Sounds and Songs of The Winged Ones April 28 8 am-5 pm at Hidden Lake
Facilitated by Lauri Shainsky, Sh.D., LightSong Associate Teacher/Healer   

The language of birds has been utilized by lineages of Earth people to find food and predators, to understand dynamics of their landscape, and as omens or signs for key conditions in their world.

We will explore how listening to the birds can help us gain an understanding of the ecology of where we live and travel to. Even more importantly, we can use bird language to diagnose the nuances of our consciousness, and to help us adjust our states of awareness and well-being. We revel in their beauty, elegance, and power, and connect deeply with their spiritual medicine.

At a fundamental and practical level, you will learn how to identify different bird species by ear. We then go deeper into the 5 voices of the birds to understand how birds are reflecting the outer forest environment and our inner energetic environment.

This body of knowledge will last within you for the rest of your life, truly.

$95 for the day, $350 to stay at Hidden Lake and do the Medicine Wheel Game.

Bring your own lunch.

Lauri learned to listen deeply to the birds, first as an instructor or Oregon NatureMapping, then as a naturalist studying with Jon Young at Wilderness Awareness School. This work continues to inform her everyday life as she delights in the rich diversity of birds that make Hidden Lake their home.

8 am- 5 pm. $95, BYOL. Do Sunday and Bird Medicine, stay at HLR Saturday night: $350

Nature, Soul & the Medicine Wheel Game: April 29  9 am- 5 pm at Hidden Lake
Facilitated by Lauri Shainsky, Sh.D., LightSong Associate Teacher/Healer 

Engage with Mother Nature at a deep soul level as we travel around the medicine wheel, inviting the wisdom and power of the 6 directions. Beauty and power await you

Immerse yourself into your own spirituality and the spirits of Nature to gain power and wisdom about your own personal medicine wheel.

We will utilizing an ancient technology–the medicine wheel template–that is a part of cosmologies throughout the world. You will have the opportunity to build your own medicine wheel that can support and guide you on your unique earth walk.

The awakened spiritual life force at Hidden Lake offers a powerful environment to encounter nature at a new level, using all of your senses.

We invite wisdom and power from the 6 directions, and walk with beauty, inner and outer. The process is instigated in a game-like format that is stimulating, fun, and illuminating.

$95 for the day; BYO lunch.

Open Sound Healing Session June 9 1- 5 pm at Hidden Lake.
Facilitated by Lauri Shainsky, Sh.D., LightSong Associate Teacher/Healer 

Graduates of LightSong’s Sound Class offer a spirit-guided sound experience to the community.  Receive intentional sound and set into motion healing and shifts in well-being. You are invited to also make sound if inspired. A lovely communal circle. By donation. RSVP to

Day of Toning: June 24 9 am- 5 pm at Hidden Lake
Facilitated by Lauri Shainsky, Sh.D., LightSong Associate Teacher/Healer  

 Tone, chant, pray all day, walking in a sacred way. 9 am- 5 pm. $ sliding scale donation. BYOL 

Day of Toning provides a potent launching pad in communal ceremony for bringing change to our lives–collectively, globally, personally. 

If you have a health issue, personal shift you are seeking to make, a project you want to fuel with fresh insight and power, a life-circumstance change in the near or distant future, this day can feed you with the spiritual juice necessary for potent change. 

We form teams and take turns toning through the day. A sacred geometrical altar forms a path through which we move. It is designed to help us identify key aspects of our current state, our desired state, and what might be in the way of our moving into our desired state.  

The intentional loving sounds of toning form healing fuel for flowing through the different parts of the altar. Joyfully immersed in a day-long chorus of spirit-infused sound, we release, we call in, we walk through the altar empowered to make courageous shifts in our life. 

We also provide power and intention for healing of the 4-leggeds,  winged ones, and the standing ones around the world, using healing altars designed to honor these beings. 

No previous sound healing experience needed, just an open heart, yearning for change and to be of service. 

By donation ($30-60). 

Please Register when you know its a yes, we need at least 21 people to make the ceremony successful. 


Shamanic Sound Healing: The 5-Month Series at Hidden Lake
With Dr. Lauri Shainsky, Ph.D. at Hidden Lake

Feb 10Mar 10April 14May 19June 9
Offered by LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine
Saturdays 9:30 am-3:30 pm 

This course is designed to help people: – (re) discover and utilize the power of their voice as a creative healing tool; – expand our ability to listen to spirit and convey sound from the divine realms; – bring healing through intention, sound, spirit, and love; – be nourished by receiving and transmitting healing sound; – bring power and manifestation into our daily lives through sound, spiritual partnerships and intentionality.

We will all gain insight, knowledge and skill for using the vibrational power of sound:

-For self healing;
-For augmenting other healing modalities (shamanic, Reiki, Massage, Energy Medicine);
-To increase richness and joy in life through personal, everyday rituals;
-For connecting more deeply with the wisdom codes of the divine realms.

We will learn how to be more vibrant channels of sound, bringing the power & wisdom encoded therein, that comes from the spirit realms.

Learning and healing comes through working in pairs and in the larger group practicing sound healing techniques, journeying for information, doing ceremonies for enhancing our personal vibration and states of consciousness. We address current topics in our personal and professional lives so that learning and healing are relevant and supportive to our everyday livingness.

Journeying skills are required. *People who have taken this course before can repeat this course at a discount; new material will be included each week.

Course format: 5 6-hour sessions Saturdays

Cost: $395/ $250*if you are a returning student

This course is part of the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies curriculum and satisfies elective requirements for the advanced programs (LMT, Bachelors in Community Shamanism). 


Expand your abilities to transmit power-filled sound for healing. Join in a safe spirit-filled circle, addressing top-of-the-mind issues using shamanic sound healing techniques. Apply new skills of channeling spirit through sound made with your sacred voice, singing bowls, and other instruments for health and upliftment. Connect deeply with spirit.

Shamanic Sound Intensive: April 6-8; Facilitated by Dr. Lauri Shainsky, Associate Teacher and Healer, LightSong School of Shamanic Studies, & Hidden Lake Retreat, Inc. 

April 6-8, 2018 Workshop hours: 6:30 pm Friday evening through 5 pm Sunday

Residental: Includes tuition, meals & lodging. $485 Commuters: Includes tuition, lunches and dinners. $300.

Returning students: $425/$275

This intensive designed to immerse people in spirit-guided sound healing. Whether you are seeking to add sound to your toolbag of skills or to accomplish some healing, you will have the opportunity to surrender into a spirit-filled, safe container with other like-hearted people and explore the magic of sound. Healing and learning happen simultaneously.

The Intensive is designed to help people:

  • Expand their abilities to use their sacred voice for creating shifts in consciousness and well-being, and setting intentions into motion
  • Be a clearer and more open channel for bringing power and wisdom to Earth
  • Connect more deeply with the spiritual realms and utilize the messages coming from them
  • Be more open to receiving and transmitting healing sound &
  • Bring more creative power and manifestation into their daily lives through sound & song

This workshop is fully experiential and will facilitate your learning, your healing, and your expansion in shamanism and sound healing. We will be doing a lot of dyads and triads, ceremony and experimentation. This is a completely hands-on exploratory experience. Ceremony, initiations, good nourishing food, community, laughter and nature all contribute to your fulfillment through learning and healing. Journeying skills are highly recommended but not required.

My style of facilitation is spontaneous, spirit-directed according to what they notice about your needs, non-hierarchical, fun-loving, and supportive.

New material will be presented so people who have attended past intensives will absolutely learn new things!!!

This course is part of the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies curriculum and satisfies elective requirements for the advanced programs (LMT, Bachelors in Community Shamanism). 


Revitalize, connect with spirit, heal, learn some techniques, free your voice through sound, spirit, community. We journey, dream, heal, learn, manifest, attuning to the highest vibrations of our souls. Sacred Voice, singing bowls, drums, rattles align with our intentions and our open hearts. Cultivating new ways of seeing and being. Come alive!

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