What does it mean to ascend into a higher frequency of energy? It means that you must diligently practice raising your vibration. You are a broadcast of energy. This energy has a certain quality and variant intensity that creates your vibrational field and the power of the energy that radiates from your being. If you are a negative person, you will have a low vibration and you will be in alignment with the doom and gloom of what is happening around you. Low vibration, negative energy has the ability to “prove” to the individual that the hopelessness that surrounds us is our reality and we come to accept what we perceive as inevitable. However, the acceleration of one’s vibrational energy through new positive understandings of our possibilities generates an energy within that emits a totally different vibrancy that shapes and reshapes all that it touches as it flows outward, and we come to recognize that all that we had believed was an illusion created by a faulty paradigm of limitation and scarcity.

Energetically, the earth is ascending into a new dimension. The great shift is toward a paradigm of unity and wholeness in a universe that is not fragmented and in conflict. This is a world that exists with forces that sustain life and create perfection — love, joy and ecstasy, and promise of a positive future. In order to reap the benefits of this prophesied shift you must be an energetic or vibrational match with this ascension.

Humankind has given little attention to this personal development and each of us must practice and master the natures that will fundamentally change us and our universe. Personal mastery will lead to emotional stability, great happiness, ecstasy, and personal ascension. Your new energies will be in harmony with the earth’s new fields of energy. The conflict that one has felt with one’s surroundings can be replaced with a sense of interdependence and wholeness, and the struggle of negative forces can be replaced with an inner peace and contentment. There is much to learn and to practice, but success is possible and the potential for change is REAL.

We at LightSong are pioneers of this new age, at least those of us that choose to venture into the uncharted landscape of the new world. The pressures exerted by the forces that currently envelope us should bring us to recognize that the time for us to respond is NOW-without hesitation or delay. We cannot procrastinate or wait for positive change to happen without us. If we are non-participatory we will not feel the positive currents of energy because our vibrational rate will not be in harmony with it.

The spirits have been molding me for this current phase of life for years and I feel excited, ready, and passionate about the information that they have presented. My classes have been the template on which I have recorded my new understanding and I have watched and witnessed the responses of others to this new information as it has evolved for years. Now I believe I am beginning to see an overview of the strong message that they have presented. My life’s work has been preparing others and myself for a different future.

The spirits are clear that to be in alignment with ascension there are particular principles and practices associated with our energy fields that must be understood and implemented.

Life is to be lived differently. The pay off will be a greater awareness, joy, and prosperity for you as an individual, and a long-needed healing for our world.

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